The 10 best places to have public sex without getting caught

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having sex in public When you’re having public sex the last thing you want to happen is getting caught because it’s embarrassing and you can get into a lot of trouble. You want to be selective about where you choose to do this and think about other factors like the time of day, how many other people go to that place and if it’s discreet enough. By being careful and planning ahead you can have public sex without fear or getting caught ruining the moment.

1) In the backyard

The backyard isn’t a place you may think of when you want to have public sex but it’s a good place to try it for the first time. It’s outside so you have the rush from having sex in nature and there’s a chance of your neighbors seeing or hearing you. By doing this so close to home it gets you comfortable with the idea of having sex in public and you can quickly go inside if you hear your neighbors nearby. You can put blankets down on the grass and choose an area off to the side so you won’t be easily seen if they look over the fence or out their window.

2) In a parking garage

They’re not a busy place and the sound of the engine and the headlights reflecting off the walls give you plenty of warning that you about to be caught so you can quickly stop what you’re doing. This gives you a couple of options for sex because you can do it in the car or you can have a little kinky sex on the hood of it. All you have to do is park, take off your clothes and start having some fun then start the car to make a quick getaway when you’re done.

3) At the beach

sex on the beach
The beach can be a romantic place for public sex if you go there at night because you can go for a walk first and see the moon reflecting off the water while listening to the waves lap against the sand. Choose a spot away from the water so you don’t get wet and remember to bring a couple of blankets because you need one to lie on and one to cover yourself with because it can be chilly at night and so close to water.

4) A nightclub

A nightclub is a loud, crowded place so it might not seem like a good place for public sex but these factors can work in your favor. You can go to a corner of the dance floor and start by making out. This increases the arousal because both of you know what’s going to happen next and getting turned on while surrounded by people is a type of kinky sex. You can finger her under clothes or grind your hardness against her while whispering in her ear about what you want to do to her. When the time is right you can go to a hallway or the bathroom to finish having sex.

5) At a movie theatre

A movie theatre is a risky place to have public sex but if you do it right there’s little chance of being caught. You need to choose a movie that has been out for a while so there’s less people who want to see it so you’ll be the only ones in the room. Go to the back row and snuggle up for the first part of the movie because this is when latecomers are likely to arrive and you can use this time to make out. When you’re confident you won’t be interrupted you can take things further.

6) Behind a church

A lot of sexual fantasies involve religion because it’s seen as pure and the dirty contrast of sex gives it a taboo feeling. This is why having public sex behind a church can be a fun thing to do if you’re looking for a rush. You need to do this late at night and make sure to check when the last service is because some churches are open to parishioners late. Park far enough away that your car isn’t easily seen and have sex inside of it for another layer of privacy. You can use costumes, like a nun’s habit, to add to the taboo nature of what you’re doing.

7) Rest Area

A rest area off the highway can be a secluded place for public sex because some of them are small and aren’t in much use anymore. Choose one that doesn’t have any major chain restaurants nearby because these will be busy. You want a rest area that is small, quiet and is just a vending machine and washrooms. You can choose to have sex in the car, on a picnic table, on the hood of the car or on the grass if you have a blanket with you.

8) Hiking Trails

Going to the closest hiking trails can be a way to have public sex while being cautious about not being caught. You have to do research beforehand because you want to go on a day when it isn’t too hot and you need to choose a trail that is easy to navigate and is hiker friendly with clearings. You don’t want to feel sick because it’s too hot and you don’t want to get lost when you go off the path to have sex. Choose a clearing that’s close to the trail so you know where you are but aren’t easily seen by anyone that passes by.

9) On a balcony

Sexual fantasies sometimes involve having sex in a wide-open space that puts you on full display. If you’re a riskier type of person then having sex on a balcony might be something you’d like to try. It’s higher up so it makes you vulnerable to more people seeing you because all it takes is for one person to glimpse out of a window of a nearby building. There’s nowhere for you to hide and the sense of being so high up adds to the excitement.

10) At a park

A park can help you have kinky sex if you choose the right one and are careful about going there late at night. Park benches are good spots for you to lie on but you can also bend her over them if you want to take her doggy style. Try to be quiet so you don’t attract attention or make someone think a woman’s being attacked, to add to the kinkiness you can put your hand over her mouth. When you’re having public sex in a park you want to pick a spot that isn’t close to streetlights and go to a quiet area instead of near a jogging path or water fountain so you can have privacy to do whatever you want.

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