10 Major signs you have dating fatigue and how to cope from dating burnout

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Having Dating FatigueDating fatigue is when you lose the interest in dating but you keep going through the motions because it’s a familiar routine or because you’re hoping things will get better. This isn’t a good way of dealing with this kind of situation because what you really need is a dating break where you can take some time for yourself and re-charge so you’re ready to start a new relationship.

1) You’re slow to meet women online

It’s fun to meet women online because you get to have hot sex with a stranger and when you make a connection with someone who’s serious about meeting you want to hook up as soon as possible. When you have dating fatigue you’re going to delay meeting them in real life and you’re going to take your time replying to messages because you don’t really want to hook up. You’ll always be able to meet women online so take a break from the site but keep the contact info of the ones you’re interested so you can talk to them again later on.

2) You think about your exes

Thinking about your exes when you’re trying to date again is a big sign of dating fatigue because it means you’re not ready to move on. You may not want to get back together with your ex but you’re thinking about them because meeting someone new seems like a difficult task and you’re not ready for that yet. Avoid starting a new relationship for a while and if you’re still interested in having sex then just settle for casual hook ups to get your needs met.

3) It’s hard to get excited about a date

Dating should be an activity that you enjoy and when there’s no excitement, especially if it’s a first date, then something is wrong. The problem might be dating fatigue and can happen when you either jump from relationship to relationship or you keep dating people who aren’t right for you. These relationships aren’t satisfying and this is what causes the dating fatigue. You need to tell yourself that it’s okay to be single and find ways of having fun by yourself, by taking up a hobby or spending time with friends.

4) You tune out during the date

Tune Out during the date
When you have dating fatigue you’re not going to be enthusiastic or engaged during a date because you’d rather be elsewhere. You aren’t able to pay attention during the date and you’ll tune out, letting your mind wander. Your date is going to notice this and the date isn’t going to end with the two of you having sex, it’s going to end with them not seeing you again. If you’re not in the mood to go out then politely tell them that you’d like to reschedule then try again another time.

5) You blame others for how you feel

You’re going to find ways to blame others for your dating fatigue because you don’t know that’s what you’re dealing with and are trying to find a way to understand it. You’re list of expectations in a partner is going to be unrealistic so when you can’t find anyone you’d like to date you can blame them for not being what you want and when having sex doesn’t go well you blame them for not being sexy enough. You have to take some responsibility and figure out why no one is good enough for you.

6) You’re jaded about love

You think there’s not point to meeting women online because it goes nowhere and you tell yourself you should just give up. It’s tough to find love but when you don’t have the right attitude it’s even harder. You have to be more patient and accept that you’re not going to fall in love every time you meet someone new.

7) You’re bored when having sex

Having sex isn’t an activity that you should feel boredom or disinterested while you’re doing it, you should feel turned on and be enjoying it. You will feel bored when having sex if you have dating fatigue because it’s mentally and emotionally draining and you’ll struggle with enthusiasm for most activities. You’ll find having sex boring until you either take a break and deal with your issues or find a new way to enjoy sex by trying a new position or meet women online you can explore kinks with.

8) You sabotage dates

Your dating fatigue is going to cause you to sabotage dates without fully realizing why you’re doing it. You act bored, interrupt them while they’re speaking, be rude to them, check your phone constantly and other gestures that are going to ruin the date. This is your way of making sure the date ends quickly and you can go home. To avoid these kinds of dates you need to accept that you’re not in the mood to date and don’t bother making dates you don’t really want to go on.

9) You find excuses not to date

You don’t really want to date when you have dating fatigue but you go through the motions anyway because it’s what you think you should be doing. You’re going to find excuses not to go on these dates though and will cancel them at the last minute or delay setting a meeting time because you know you don’t want to go. You have to make a rule that you’re only going to make a date if you’re going to follow through with it and stop wasting your time and theirs.

10) You don’t call them back

Since dating fatigue causes a lack of enthusiasm you’re not going to put yourself in a position where you’re in a relationship. You’ll make enough of an effort for a first date but you won’t bother calling them back for a second one. When they get in touch with you, you don’t bother replying or keep your reply short and vague. You need to be polite and answer them, tell them you had a good time but you don’t think there was a connection so they’re not wondering what went wrong.

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