10 Non-sexual physical things women want from men

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Holding handsIntimacy in a relationship is something that most women because it makes them feel loved and closer to their partner but men tend to see it as an activity that leads to sex where as women see it as sexual as well as non-sexual. Men need to know what physical things they can do to show affection to their partner while not making it more than it is because by keeping it non-sexual they’re showing their partner that they see them as more than just a sex object. By increasing the amount of intimacy in your relationship you’re giving it a better chance of succeeding.

1) Holding hands

Holding hands when you’re relaxing on the couch or walking down the street is an easy way to show intimacy because you’re making physical contact with them in a small way. It’s usually a non-sexual activity and you can do it anywhere at any time so you can add it to your life without having to think too much about it. Your partner is going to notice the change and is going to appreciate you silently being in contact with them without them having to make the first move and it makes her feel more strongly that you’re a couple.

2) Kissing

It’s a very intimate act and doing this a couple of times a week is going to keep the romance alive between the two of you. You can start kissing her more often in a non-sexual way by giving her a small kiss on the cheek when you come home from work or stand behind her, hold her close and nuzzle her neck for a couple of seconds.

3) Back rubs

Back rubs can give your partner a lot of physical relief, especially after a long day at work or after an intense workout session, so give them one while expecting nothing in return. Women don’t usually expect a back rub to be non-sexual because men tend to do it as a lead in to foreplay so she’s going to love having one just because you want to make her feel better. She can sit down or lie down while you do this and you should take your time massaging her back so that she gets the most impact out of it. You can also look up videos online to find out how to give a good back rub if you’re unsure of what to do.

4) Cuddling

Cuddling is something couples usually do after sex but you can do it in a non-sexual way by doing it while you’re watching TV together. It helps the two of you feel closer together and strengthens the bond you feel and it can help you relax because it makes you feel safe and comforted. You can also do a variation of cuddling by putting your arm around their shoulder and holding them close to your side while you’re walking down the street or standing in the kitchen and waiting for the coffee machine to finish.

5) Arm stroking

It’s a nice, relaxing feeling to be lying near your partner and feel them gently stroke your arm and this is something that women want to feel. It’s non-sexual and simple to do but make sure you do it when you’re cuddling together to increase the feeling of intimacy because it won’t have the same impact if you do it while you’re sitting at the kitchen table and talking. You want to do it during a quiet moment and lightly run your fingers up and down in slow strokes.

6) Massages

Giving massage Massages are very romantic and often lead to sex because of the mood and sensual touching but you don’t have to take it that far. You can still give her a massage while keeping things non-sexual, you just need to remember that the end result isn’t sex and you’re doing this to help her relax. You can give her a night of intimacy by opening a bottle of wine, turning off the lights and burning some candles then having her lie on the bed. Give her a full body massage, starting with the neck and making your way down to her legs, then let her rest as she drifts off to sleep.

7) Arm around the waist

When you’re walking down the street you can maintain non-sexual contact by putting your arm around her waist. While walking you can keep a loose grip on her so that she doesn’t feel like you’re pulling her along and when you’re standing still while waiting for a crosswalk light to change or you’ve stopped to look at something you can hold her closer to you.

8) Legs draped on a lap

Some women when they’re feeling lazy and content on the couch find it’s nice to put their feet up and drape their legs over their boyfriend’s lap. It’s a casual thing to do but it’s a small reminder they have someone with them and it makes the moment more cozy. Some women are too shy to do this because they think it might be rude but if you’re okay with it then gently put her legs on your lap and lightly rub them as you watch TV together.

9) Hair stroking

Intimacy makes people feel loved, safe and comforted and hair stroking does a good job of conveying these feelings. When your partner is resting beside you or you’re cuddling in bed you can let her put her head on your shoulder while you cup it and stroke her hair. She’s going to like this because it feels nice and it shows your gentle side. You can also give her a little kiss or put your other arm around her to hold her close while you’re doing this.

10) Light body touches

Light body touches that you do during everyday interactions are non-sexual but are still important because it’s a small gesture that couples do instinctively. Women want these thoughtful moments so try to be more conscious of how often you do them. You can do light body touches by using your fingertips to brush an eyelash off her cheek, putting your hand on her arm when talking to her, brushing her hair out of her eyes or putting your hand on her back as you pass behind her.

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