10 Principles of polyamory that can totally benefit monogamous marriages

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Polyamorous Relationship If you’re in a monogamous marriage you might not consider going on a polyamorous dating site like Fbookhookups Review but you could learn a few things on there. A polyamorous relationship is successful because they follow certain principles and these can benefit your marriage too.

1) Don’t expect your partner to fulfill all your needs

You can’t expect your partner to fulfill all your needs because they have different desires and interests than you. If you like something they don’t, such as fishing or going to concerts, then find a friend who you can do those things with.

2) Have open communication

You need to have open communication so you know when something’s wrong and to understand each other better. Be honest and deal with issues when they happen so they don’t get worse over time.

3) Spend time apart

You need to spend time apart so you don’t become too dependent on each other. You can hang out with friends or work on hobbies. This will give you a taste of freedom that comes with the single life while still being faithful to each other.

4) Know what you want

You need to know what you want so you can pursue goals that make you happy because this will put less strain on your marriage. These can be things like having children or the type of relationship you have with your spouse.

5) Choose to be married

A marriage won’t last if you feel like you’re with them because it’s better than being alone. You need to choose to stay married and remember why you love your spouse while acknowledging that you can leave if things are beyond fixing.

6) Don’t change for your partner

Changing who you are to make them happy is going to make you feel unhappy and over time you’ll resent them. Instead you need to keep being yourself and they need to love and accept you for who you are.

7) Trust is important

There needs to be trust in all areas of the relationship otherwise you won’t be open with your spouse. Tell them that you want to deepen the connection with them and that you think some of the ideas found on polyamorous dating sites can work for you.

8) Be equals

Each of you need to treat the other as an equal so that neither of you feels unwanted or unloved. Help your spouse with household chores and ask their opinion before making any major decisions so they feel like they have a say.

9) Don’t be possessive

Acting possessive towards your spouse will make them feel like an object instead of an equal and will put an emotional distance between you. Don’t dictate who they can spend time with and don’t ask too many questions about where they’re going or why they were late. They’ll tell you if they think you need to know.

10) Be accepting and encouraging

Accept your partners for who they are and encourage them to pursue their interests, hobbies and goals so they feel like you truly love them.

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