10 Reasons why men like crazy girls

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men like crazy girlsThere’s lots of different types of women out there but certain men are drawn to the crazy women. They love this type and can’t get enough of it so they seek these women out. They may not know why they’re attracted to her but it can be for a variety of reasons. It makes dating more exciting and brings a certain mood to their life that they can’t get from anyone else. These women stand out from the crowd and their craziness makes them desirable.

1) They’re used to crazy women

Some men are used to crazy women, either their mother was like that or they’ve had one or more exes who was on the wild side. They’re so used to women who act this way that they no longer see it as crazy and it’s normal behavior to them. When they see laidback women they see someone boring or someone they don’t understand. They’re drawn to crazy women because it’s familiar to them and makes them feel comfortable when they date this type of person. They have an idea of what to expect and don’t mind how she acts.

2) It brings excitement to their life

Some men crave excitement in their life and they know they can get as much of it as they want when they date crazy women. They tend to get bored easily and find calm women to be uninteresting. They notice a woman who’s outgoing and they want her. They see her living life on her terms and having fun without worrying what other people think. This makes them realize that they don’t have this in their life and it bothers them. They want her because they know life is never boring when she’s around.

3) They see it as passion

They follow their whims and focus on living life without worrying about consequences. Men ignore the bad parts of her behavior because they’re intrigued by the amount of passion she has. They love passion because it excites them and see it as a good personality trait. They want a woman who’s passionate because they think that it will be there for all areas in life, from having fun date nights to having better sex.

4) They get better sex

getting better sex
Certain types of women have a reputation for having better sex with and men want to experience this. They look for crazy women with the expectation that she can give him what he wants. They know she’s wild and is open minded which usually carries over to the bedroom. They want a woman who is willing to indulge in different fantasies, who enjoys pushing boundaries and is always willing to try something new.

5) They’re just as crazy

Men who have a wild streak in them like crazy women because they see her as an equal. They understand her because they’re the same way so these relationships are well balanced even though there’s periods of too much drama. This is someone they can be themselves around with and not worry about what she thinks of him. He wants to be with someone that he can relate to and knows that together they can have a fun life that’s never boring.

6) They admire her behavior

Some men are introverts and wish that they were more adventurous. They see their personality as a bad thing and when they see crazy women they see someone who’s their opposite. They admire her outgoing personality and don’t know how she can feel so free to do the things that she does. He hopes that some of this outrageous behavior will rub off on them if they date her. They see something they want to be a part of them and will go after her so she can show him how to live his life in a different way.

7) Dates are never boring

Dates can be boring over time because most people like to stick to what’s routine when they meet someone new. They’re happy with going out to dinner or seeing a movie because the familiarity puts them at ease. This is a habit that continues on even when they’re in a relationship until eventually they settle down and date nights are forgotten. Crazy women don’t let this happen because they like to have fun and are always looking for something new to do. Dates are never boring and men like the idea of unpredictability because it gives them something to look forward to.

8) They see her as a challenge

Crazy women are seen as a challenge because they have a mind of their own and aren’t they type to settle for any guy that asks them out. They’re looking for adventure and will only take the time to work on a relationship if the guy’s good enough for them. Men know this and they like the idea of having to chase her and win her heart. They’re addicted to this because it’s a love game and when she does go out with them it feels like a victory.

9) They don’t want to be like everyone else

Some men don’t want to be like everyone else who has a boring job and boring life with their girlfriend or they don’t want to end up in a marriage like their parents have. It seems like a horrible way to live for them and they avoid dating women who are like the ones their friends are dating. They don’t want routine, they want a life that’s never boring and know they need the right kind of partner for this. They want someone different, someone who stands out from the crowd because she’s rare. They go after crazy women because they think it will stop them from being an average joe and she will be able to give him a life that others will envy.

10) They like being the center of attention

Dating crazy women means you’re always at the center of attention because their behaviour gets them noticed. Some men like the attention they get from being around their girlfriend, it makes them feel special and this becomes a feeling that they can’t get enough of so they keep dating this type of woman. She’s naturally outgoing and people notice this because she doesn’t fit in. They like attention and it’s easy to get when they date a woman who attracts it.

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