Here are 10 reasons your online dating profile sucks and how to fix it

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when your online dating profile sucks Your online dating profile needs to feel fresh and interesting otherwise no one is going to take the time to read it or get in touch with you. You want to make a good first impression but there are a lot of ways to fail at this, from having a photo gallery full of bad photos to coming across as boring or arrogant. This leads to you wasting time and being stuck in the single life but you can change things around if you’re willing to take the time to fix what you’re doing wrong. With a few small changes you can make your dating profile an eye catching one and your inbox will be full of messages from women who are eager to get to know you better.

1) You chose a bad username

Some people choose a random or silly username for their dating profile when they first join a site because they’re not taking it seriously and are just seeing what the site is like. If you did this then you need to change your username to one that shows women you’re serious about online dating and aren’t a time waster or a creep. Some sites let you change your username while on others you need to start a new profile. You should pick a username that’s short, easy to remember and includes your first name.

2) You didn’t complete your dating profile

Your dating profile sucks if you didn’t bother to complete it and only filled out the mandatory information fields because this shows people that you can’t be bothered to make an effort and if you can’t do this then they don’t expect you to follow through on meeting them in person. It also stops potential partners from finding out who you are and feeling like you’re a good match for them. You need to completely fill out your dating profile so you seem like an honest, interesting person they want to get to know.

3) You uploaded old or blurry photos

If your photo gallery is full of old or photos then people are going to bypass reading the rest of your profile. They want to see exactly who they’re messaging and don’t want to waste time with someone who seems lazy or like they’re ashamed of how they look. You need to make your photo gallery seem fresh by uploading a handful of photos that are bright and clearly show who you are.

4) You only have sexually suggestive photos

sexually suggestive photos
Having a photo gallery that has sexually suggestive photos is going to turn off many women because they know you want sex but these pictures make you seem desperate and obsessed with it. Sexual photos can also make you seem like a narcissist who’s only good feature is their body and woman want a man who’s more than that. You need to remove the sexually suggestive photos and save them for when you’re messaging someone and it’s at the point of exchanging those type of photos because this is when it’s appropriate to share them.

5) You have a list of expectations

You’re looking for a certain type of person to hookup with but having a long list of expectations on your dating profile sends the wrong message. Women don’t want to date a man who has high expectations and only cares about what he wants. To avoid coming across as a demanding narcissist you need to either keep your list of expectations to yourself or only mention a few things that you want in a partner and politely decline those you’re not interested in.

6) You mention being lonely and single for a long time

A lot of people mention being lonely and looking for love or being single for a long time on their dating profile but talking too much about this makes women wonder why you can’t find a date and if there’s something wrong with you. You can mention being single but put a short explanation with it, such as being recently divorced or taking a break from dating after a long-term relationship. This is a situation that is understandable and is a more positive spin on being single for a long time.

7) You only talk about how great you are

You may have filled your dating profile with mentions of all the things that make you a great guy to date because you think this is what women want to hear but you can go too far with this. It can sound like bragging and women will mistake you for being a narcissist who’s only going to talk about himself if she messages you. You need to list a couple of things you’re proud of, like a hobby you excel at, then move on to other things like movies you like to watch. This makes you sound down to earth and humble which are attractive qualities.

8) You keep information vague

Keeping information vague makes it quick and easy to fill out your dating profile but this can make you seem boring or lazy so you need to add details. When you say you enjoy horror movies you should name a couple of your favorite ones and if you say you spend weekends working on your hobbies tell them what you like to do. This gives people a fuller picture of who you are and how you spend your time which makes it easier for them to imagine what it’s like to date you.

9) You didn’t do any of the tests

When you join a dating site they usually have tests you can take to help you find matches and this helps you narrow down search results but it also sometimes puts additional information into your dating profile. By not doing these tests you’re making it harder for your profile to be visible in searches or be overlooked by women who are looking for profiles that match theirs. Take some time to fill these out because they can make a difference to your experience on the site.

10) You don’t regularly change your profile picture

Choosing a profile picture is something you do when you first fill out your dating profile but then forget about it. If you don’t change it regularly people who use the site often will get used to seeing your profile and scroll past it. You need to stand out by changing your profile picture every couple of months so it grabs people’s attention and they’ll check out your profile to see if you’re a new member.

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