10 Creative ways to use blindfolds during sex

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From blindfold play to warm wax, ten ways to spice up your sex life

blinfolds during sex
Blindfolds are sexy and can be used to enhance the pleasure you feel during sex which in turn increases the amount of semen you produce. You can use anything for a blindfold, from a traditional one bought at an adult shop or a silky scarf that glides over the skin. It’s exciting not knowing what’s going to happen next and since they’re so versatile there’s a million different ways you can use them during sex. You can tease and please your partner or live out one of your deep, dark fantasies. With a blindfold you’ll have nights where you’re giving your partner non-stop loads of semen.

1) Solo Masturbation

Solo masturbation while your partner watches can cause embarrassment, you worry about how you look and your ejaculation volume because you want to impress her. Wearing a blindfold can help make this easier for you because it stops you from being able to make eye contact with her. You can pretend that you’re alone in a dark room which takes away the pressure and you’re free to lost control without fear of judgement. Take care of yourself while she watches and don’t stop until you finish with semen all over you.

2) Edging

Edging is the practice of being brought close to orgasm again and again. This can help you learn control over when you cum and it’s even more fun when your partner is the one bringing you to the edge. To increase the tension and anticipation when doing this you can wear a blindfold. This way you’re relying completely on touch and your senses are heightened with every stroke. All you have to do is lie there while she pushes you to the point to losing control then easing you back before pushing you again. To make things even naughtier you can take off your blindfold at the end and watch your semen splatter over her hand.

3) Submission

submisison and BDSM
Power play is a fun thing to do when wearing a blindfold because it increases the feeling of giving up control. When you’re submissive and wearing one you have no idea what your partner is going to do next, you’re helpless and they can do whatever they want to you. This is why you need to set boundaries ahead of time but other than that leave everything up to them. Let her play with you until she decides you’re allowed to let your semen flow then thank her for giving you such a good time.

4) Sensory Deprivation

Sensory deprivation leaves you vulnerable while letting your imagination run wild. Wear a blindfold so you’re left to imagine what’s going on around you and add a ball gag, ear plugs and hand restraints to take away your voice, hearing and ability to touch. Your semen will be pumping as you lie there desperately trying to guess what’s about to happen and a rush will go through you as your body adapts so that the slightest sensation is magnified.

5) Sensory Play

Sensory play is a good way to tease your partner while they’re blindfolded and it can be done using things you already have at home. You can slide ice cubes over their nipples or inner thighs, tickle them with a feather or drag the blunt side of a knife across them. Watch as they squirm and listen as they gasp, watching their desire rise until they’re about to cum. Increase the speed of what you’re doing to help them orgasm then take their blindfold off. Make them watch as your masturbate and shoot semen on them while telling them how much they turned you on.

6) Enhancing Toy Play

Nipple clamps and vibrators are just a couple of toys you can use. Have your partner lie there blindfolded as you turn on a vibrator and slide it up their inner thigh. Tease them with it as you use your other hand to give the nipple clamps a tug. This gives them pleasure and pain which goes nicely with their sense of helplessness from not being able to see. Your own arousal will build while this happens and by avoiding touching yourself you can increase your ejaculation volume until you can’t take it anymore.

7) Kidnapping Roleplay

A kidnapping roleplay is a common fantasy and you can use a blindfold during it. Plan it with your partner ahead of time so you don’t genuinely scare them but don’t tell them exactly when it will happen. Sneak up on them, push them against a wall and use your leg to hold them in place while you put the blindfold on them. Your semen levels will begin to rise as you tell them to be quiet and do as they’re told. Take them to the bedroom, tie their hands together then start playing with them. This is a good way to exert control over them in a safe way but it also allows them to pretend they’re having sex with a stranger which can re-ignite their libido.

8) Massage

Massages can be dirty if they end with your partner covered in your semen so give them one but make sure it has a happy ending for both of you. Set the mood by dimming the lights, lighting some candles and playing some soft music. Take your partner into the room, put the blindfold on them then slowly undress them. Lie them down and begin massaging them, taking your time to touch every part of their body. Start with their back then turn them over so you can take care of their front, letting your gently but firm fingers turn them on until you let them cum.

9) Oral Sex

Oral sex can be done while you’re blindfolded so take advantage of the intense feelings it can give you. You’ll notice their fingers, their breath and their mouth in a more intriguing way. You’ve seen your partner go down on you before so it’s a new experience with a blindfold. There’s nothing to visually distract you so focus on every flick of their tongue before you shoot your semen down their throat.

10) Impact Play

Impact play can be more intense when you’re blindfolded because the different sensations you feel are the main thing you’re aware of aside from how much semen you’re dying to spill. Give your partner a variety of items you’re okay with them using on you, these can include a wooden spoon, a ping pong paddle, their hand or a belt. You want items with different textures and tell your partner how much pain you want. They can start off slowly and gradually build up to harder hitting.

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