10 Effortless small gestures women always notice and appreciate

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Small gestures Small gestures may seem unimportant but they have a big impact on your relationship because your partner will notice and appreciate them. When you show affection, make your partner feel safe and remember things that are important to her you are strengthening the bond between the two of you and showing how much you truly love them.

1) Wishing her a good morning

Women always notice small gestures and they appreciate them when you do them early in the morning because it starts their day on a good note. Wishing her a good morning or saying you hope she has a good day either in person or with a text shows her that she’s the first thing you think of when you wake up and that makes her feel loved. If you say it in person you can also show affection by kissing her or putting your arm around her while you say it.

2) Making her a meal

Having a meal together is one of those small gestures that is helpful because you’re doing something for her and it’s giving the two of you quality time together. She’s going to appreciate this, especially if you make her favourite food or cook for her when she’s having a busy or stressful time at work. You can use this meal to show affection by having a meaningful conversation with her or by lighting some candles and occasionally giving her little touches while you talk as a way of keeping a connection between the two of you.

3) Remembering an important event

Celebrating an Anniversary
There are events that most couples remember, like an anniversary or birthday, but there are events that are only important to one of you, like a job promotion or reaching a personal goal. Small gestures like remembering events that are only important to your partner, asking her how they went and celebrating when appropriate show her how thoughtful you are and that you pay attention to what she cares about. She’ll take note of when you do this and will appreciate it because she knows it’s mainly important to her and that you only care because you love her and like to spend time with her.

4) Holding her when she needs to feel safe

Women need to feel safe even when nothing is wrong because it helps reinforce the relationship and make them feel emotionally close to you. She wants to know you’re there for her and that you’re aware of her need for you. You can use small gestures to make her feel safe by holding her when you’re watching TV together or cuddling her when you’re in bed. This physical contact shouldn’t be sexual because it’s about being reassuring and loving.

5) Being the first one to show affection

When you’re the one who shows affection first she’s going to notice because she knows you’re making an effort to show her that you love her. Smiling at her, hugging her, giving her your full attention and making time for her are ways you can show affection that are easy to do and aren’t stressful if you’re the kind of person who isn’t comfortable with showing emotions.

6) Keeping your word when possible

Small gestures like being honest and keeping your word when possible are things you should be doing with everyone but especially with your partner because you’re spending your life with her. When you tell her you’re going to do something make sure you do it and don’t lie to her because she knows you well enough to know when you’re telling her the truth. She’s probably had experiences with past boyfriends who have lied to her or who have let her down so she’s going to appreciate it when you don’t act like that.

7) Genuinely listen to her

There’s a difference between listening to someone and genuinely listening and paying attention to them so you should use small gestures to let your partner know you’re doing the latter. She wants to know that you’re listening to her so make sure you maintain eye contact, don’t interrupt her and hold up your end of the conversation instead of just sitting there and listening to her speak. She’s going to notice the difference and see how attentive you’re being.

8) Compliment her to other people

A way to show your partner that you love her and think highly of her is by using small gestures in public so other people notice them. These are things like putting your arm around her when you’re walking outside or complimenting her to other people. You can compliment her to other people by saying how great she is at a hobby or her job if you’re able to bring it up casually in a conversation. She’s going to notice this because you could have taken the opportunity talk about yourself but instead you chose to talk about her.

9) Compromise in her favour

Compromise is something all couples should do but sometimes relationships tend to favour one person because not everyone is willing or wants to compromise. Some mean to do this and others do it without realizing it. If you think you’ve been dominating the relationship lately then you can use small gestures such as doing more things for your partner or compromising in her favour so she feels more like an equal. You need to make sure you don’t do it in a condescending way and act like you’re doing her a favour but do it in a thoughtful way by saying you understand where she’s coming from and you think she’s right.

10) Give her a date night

Small gestures like romance and date night fade the longer you’re in a relationship because you get used to each other and you settle into a routine. This can take a toll on the relationship but you can keep yours on the right track by occasionally surprising her with a date night. You can make her a candlelit dinner or take her for a picnic under the stars to show her that you love her and want her to know it. she’s going to cherish these small gestures because they’re special memories and you did it to make her happy.

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