10 Tips on how to get a girlfriend if you have no friends to go out and meet women with

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Getting a Girlfriend Trying to get a girlfriend when you’re shy or the type of person who is a loner can be difficult because you’re not going to have the kind of social life that makes it easy to meet women. You’re not going out with friends and have them as moral support while you try to pick women and doing this alone can be daunting. You have to make more of an effort to get a girlfriend and be open-minded, trying approaches that you may not have thought of before. If you put yourself out there and take a chance then you could end up with a more active dating life.

1) Join online dating sites

There are tons of dating sites you can join for free and meet women who are single and looking for a person just like you. There are generic dating sites whose only purpose is making matches but there are also ones that cater to niches, such as specific ages, interest in BDSM or single parents. Look up dating sites like adultfriendfinder to see what’s available and join a couple that interest you so you can make a profile and start messaging women.

2) Go to social mixers

Many places have social mixers, these are events where single people get together and have some fun. It’s a good way to get a girlfriend because it’s in a casual setting that’s focused on hanging out, getting to know each other and having a couple of drinks which takes the pressure off of you to make a match right away. If you’re no ready to start dating you can use this as a way to meet women and get comfortable talking to them before moving on to asking them out.

3) Hire a matchmaker

A matchmaker is someone who has a list of single clients, pair them up by what they’re looking for and common interests then set them up on blind dates. If you’re shy then this can be an easy way for you to get a girlfriend because you tell the matchmaker about yourself and the kind of girlfriend you’d like to have then leave it to her to find someone for you. This is more expensive than dating sites but it can help you meet women who are compatible with you.

4) Try speed dating

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These events are usually posted online ahead of time so you know when and where it’s happening and you have time to prepare for it. Before you go to the speed dating event you can pick out a nice outfit, think of some interesting conversation topics and have a couple of date ideas ready in case you meet someone you like.

5) Join a hobby group

A social setting, like a group of hobby enthusiasts, can be a good way to get a girlfriend because it lets you meet women who have common interests with you but there’s no pressure of hooking up like there is with dating sites. You can make a list of hobbies you have or activities you’d like to try and look online to see if there are any local groups you can join. Go to some meetings and get to know the people there so you can decide if any of the women there are potential dating partners.

6) Go to the gym

Going to the gym can help you get a girlfriend because you’re getting in shape which makes you more sexually attractive and it gives you a chance to meet new women. Don’t be a creepy guy who spends his entire workout checking out the women because they’re going to notice that, instead do your exercises then take a break and chat with a woman who’s by herself and is obviously not busy on her phone or waiting for a friend to meet her. Keep the chat friendly to see if she’s interested in you and once there’s a connection you can give her your number.

7) Hit up the clubs

Going to the club when you have no friends to go with you can seem intimidating but you can go when the club is having a theme night like Sexy Singles. This can help you get a girlfriend because everyone there will be single and since there’s an expectation of hooking up you don’t need to feel shy or embarrassed about flirting with women. There’s going to be a fun, everything goes vibe here and you can have a couple of drinks to loosen up before approaching women.

8) Listen to conversations

Listening to conversations can help you get a girlfriend because co-workers and acquaintances like to talk about their friends and may mention when one of them is single. Pay attention to what they say and when it’s appropriate you can mention being single too and that it’s tough to meet women. This will give them an idea of setting the two of you up and you can have them play matchmaker without having to pay for a professional one.

9) Start with friendship

Starting with friendship can be a way for you to ease into a romantic relationship and get a girlfriend without taking a direct approach so try and make a connection with female acquaintances or coworkers. This takes more time but it can help you have a stronger relationship because it lets you get to know each other better and deal with any issues before you take things to a more serious level. Even if this friendship doesn’t end with romance she may be able to introduce you to her single friends.

10) Strike up a conversation

If you want to get a girlfriend you need to make the first move because most women are too shy to do this and socially it’s still expected for the man to take the lead. You have to push away your fears and go up to a woman you’re attracted to and start talking to her. Don’t come on too strong and be casual because she might not be interested in you if you’re too aggressive. Have a couple of conversation topics ready and start by smiling, introducing yourself and asking her a question, like how she’s doing so she has something to reply to.

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