10 Ways women test you before they date you

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women test you before dating
Before women date you they may test you to see if you’re the kind of man they’re looking for. Women do this because they want to see how you react to certain things and to see what kind of person you really are. This can make her seem high maintenance or like she’s playing games but she’s actually trying to top herself from wasting time on a new relationship that isn’t going to work out. If you really like her and don’t want to fail this test then you need to know what to look for so you can make all of the right moves.

1) She doesn’t show jealousy towards other women

It’s common for women to show jealousy when the man they like is caught checking out other women but if she’s testing you then she’s going to hide how she really feels. She doesn’t want you to know how much she wants to date you and will act like she doesn’t care by casually pointing out attractive women or joking about you dating other women. She wants to see if you take her seriously and talk about other women in front of her or if you’re going to give all of your attention to her.

2) She flirts with other men

She’s going to flirt with other men or mention all the messages she’s getting on her online dating profile to see if you react with jealousy or if you don’t care that she might choose another man over you. She’s not serious about these other guys, she wants to see if you’re willing to make it clear that you won’t put up with this and that you want her to only want a relationship with you.

3) She’s slow to respond to your texts

slow to text you back
When she really wants to date you but doesn’t want to seem eager but does want you to make an effort she’ll take her time responding to your texts and messages. She’s pretending to be busy but she’s actually looking forward to each of your texts and is seeing if you’re willing to put up with her taking her time with responding. She doesn’t want to be in a relationship with a guy that gives up easily and will start replying faster once she senses you’re getting tired of her doing this.

4) She asks about your last relationship

Asking about your last relationship is a conversation that most people avoid, especially if they don’t know each other well, but she’s going to do this as a way of testing you. She wants to know what happened to cause the break up and is paying close attention to everything you say because she wants to get a feel for what being in a relationship with you would be like. She’s trying to see if you badmouth or blame your ex for everything or if you’re mature enough to admit that you played a part in things going wrong. She’s not going to date you if you act like a jerk or think it’s okay to not take responsibility for your actions.

5) She talks about bad moments with her ex

Before she decides to date you she wants to see if you’re open-minded enough to understand there are two sides to every person or if you’re only going out with her because you like what you see. One way of testing how genuine your feelings are for her she’s going to talk about bad moments or fights she had with her ex. She knows this is going to make you see her differently and as a more rounded person. She’s interested in your opinion on what happened and if you’re going to tell her what you would have done differently or if you’ve gone through a similar experience.

6) She asks you for a favor

Asking for a favor is something you usually do once your in a relationship but she’s going to ask you for one before things get to that point. It’s going to be a small favor, like asking you to help her with fixing something or giving her a ride somewhere. She wants to see if you’re willing to help her out because this shows thoughtfulness and kindness which are behaviors she wants to know you have before she agrees to date you.

7) She cancels the first date at the last minute

Before she decides to seriously date you she might cancel the first date at the last minute to see what you do about it. Are you going to try again because you really like her or are you going to quickly move on to someone else? She wants you to try again and when you do she knows you’re looking forward to the date so she’s going to follow through with the next date.

8) She casually mentions loving a local restaurant

She’s going to test you on your listening skills and she’s going to do this in more than one way to see if you care enough to pay attention to what she says and remember what’s important to her. Before she decides to date you and you’re still in the phase of getting to know one another she’s going to mention a local restaurant that she loves. Once the date has been set she’s going to see if you remember the restaurant and will take her there for the first date.

9) She’ll ask you questions about past conversations

Another way of testing your listening skills is by casually you asking questions about past conversations you’ve had with her. She’s going to do this carefully so it doesn’t seem like she’s quizzing you and will ask questions like “Hey, do you remember that movie I wanted to see with you?” or “What did you think about my date idea?”. You need to answer with specifics because if you give vague answers then she’s going to have doubts about what it would be like to date you.

10) She makes it clear there won’t be sex on the first date

She knows you want sex, especially if you meet on an online dating site like adultfriendfinder, but before she says she’ll date you she’s going to make it clear there won’t be any sex on the first date. Not only is this something she may be serious about but it’s a way to see if you actually want to date her or if you’re planning on just seeing her long enough to get your sexual needs satisfied.

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