The top 10 signs of mutual sexual tension & how to handle your horniness

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Sexual Tension Having sexual tension with someone can be a difficult situation to navigate because you may not know how to handle your horniness and take things to the next level, especially if you’re not completely sure the feeling is mutual. You don’t want to waste time being a flirt when you could be starting a new relationship so you need to figure out if there is mutual sexual tension and what to do about it. This is the only way you can take control of the situation and finally get what you desire.

1) You can’t stop smiling at each other

When you’re around someone you like and who makes you happy it’s natural to smile a lot. The type of smile changes on the dynamic between the two of you because a smile of friendship is more wide open and easy going while a smile that’s full of sexual tension is more pouty and sensual. The latter kind of smile is the one that the two of you will be giving each other whenever you’re together and it increases the sexual tension because the mouth is a sexual part of the body. You need to make the first move towards kissing because your mouths are saying more than you know.

2) Eye contact is frequent and intense

When there’s sexual tension eye contact is frequent and intense because you’re dealing with a strong attraction towards the other person. This is how you are trying to convey your emotions to them and get their attention and they will do the same thing when the sexual tension is mutual. You can’t stop staring at each other and your horniness is going to rise as the desire builds from not touching each other. You have to find something to distract you until you can get yourself under control and to do this you can look around the room, excuse yourself to the bathroom or check your phone for messages.

3) You’re always checking out each other

You’re going to flirt when there’s sexual tension because you want them to know how you feel and one of the ways of doing this is by checking each other out. You are going to do this often because you want them to notice what you’re doing and give them a chance to check you out as well. This is going to fuel your fantasies about having sex with them and you’re going to watch every move they make. Checking out each other is a good way to flirt but it isn’t going to satisfy your horniness so you have to be direct and ask them out so you can start a sexual relationship with them.

4) Every conversation involves flirting

You are going to make it clear that you want them and that sex is on your mind because you want to break the sexual tension and make it become reality. You will briefly mention sex or give them compliments to see how they react and if they reciprocate. The two of you are testing the waters to see if you’re okay with the relationship going further and you need to figure out when you can go out on a date with them.

5) You notice every touch

You are going to notice every touch when there’s sexual tension with someone because you’re going to be highly alert when you’re around them. Your horniness is going to amplify everything and the smallest touch will grab your attention because you’re hoping they’re trying to flirt with you. It can be difficult to keep control or hold back the urge to pressure them into something more so you have to remind yourself that you’ll sleep with them soon, you just have to flirt a bit longer until they’re ready to go out with you.

6) The air is full of electricity

The air is going to be full of electricity when there’s mutual sexual tension and you are going to feel excited and on edge. This is because your desire and horniness is building and both of you know it. This feeling is going to hang over the two of you and is going to get stronger until you give in to your cravings and have sex. This is why the two of you need to be honest about how you feel and what you want so that you stop wasting time flirting around the issue.

7) Physical contact is always close

physical contact
When you feel sexual tension with someone you’re going to make close physical contact with them as often as you can without crossing the line. You will lean in close when they talk to you, touch them on the arm and sit close enough to touch them because you’re trying to get their attention. Your horniness wants more than just small touches but you have to settle for this until things become sexual and this can be motivation for you to ask them out.

8) You find reasons to talk to them

You are going to find reasons to talk with someone you feel sexual tension towards because you’re craving contact with them and you can use this as an opportunity to flirt with them. It doesn’t matter what you talk to them about because you’re focused on trying to satisfy your desire for them and this is giving you a little bit of what you need. This can help your horniness because you’re spending time with them and it’s a way of releasing some of the anticipation that has built up.

9) You only flirt with them

You will only flirt with the person you have sexual tension with because you only have eyes for them and other people don’t seem special enough to grab your attention. You wait until they’re around then flirt with them because you have to release some of the desire you have burning inside and it’s a way of calming down your horniness. You want them to know they’re special and you aren’t going to risk losing them by flirting with other people.

10) You know there’s sexual tension

After spending some time flirting with someone it’s clear there is mutual sexual tension and you are going to know it without a doubt. It’s going to become a game that the two of you play and you’re no longer trying to figure out if they’re attracted to you. What you’re doing is biding your time until the moment is right to take things further to a point where neither of you can deny what’s going on.

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