10 Things to consider when dating a divorced woman

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dating a divorced womanDating a divorced woman is different than dating other women because there’s more you need to take into account due to life circumstances. She may still be going through divorce proceedings, she may have a family and a serious relationship could be the last thing she wants. You need to consider many things before you ask her out because you don’t want to cause her any more pain and you need to be sure that you’re ready to commit to her in the way that she needs you to.

1) Her family comes first

There’s a good chance that a divorced woman has a family and before dating her you need to understand and accept that they come first. This is a difficult time for her children, they’re getting used to their parents being divorced and their mom dating again, and she needs to take things at a pace that is comfortable for them as well as for her. She may also have to cancel dates at the last minute if she can’t get a babysitter or one of her children gets sick or has a school event.

2) She’s scared of another heartbreak

She’s scared of going through another heartbreak and is going to keep you at an emotional distance until she learns to trust you. This means you need to be careful not to pressure her into a relationship or make her feel bad at moving at a slower pace than you’re used to.

3) She may need a lot of emotional support

You need to be willing to prove a shoulder to cry on and an ability to listen because a divorced woman is dealing with a lot of emotions, especially if she’s only recently became single or if you’re the first serious relationship she’s been in since the breakup. She’s leaning on her friends for emotional support but there will be times when she relies heavily on you for that because you’re now the man in her life and she sees you as a strong, stable person.

4) Her ex may not be out of the picture

You need to be aware that just because she’s a divorced woman it doesn’t mean that the ex is gone. She may still be going through divorce proceedings or if she has a family with him then he will be around often because of his visitation rights. You can’t be jealous or worry that he’s still in her life and since he’s still around he’s going to be on her mind and she’s going to talk to you about him so you need to figure out the right things to say so you don’t upset her.

5) She wants good sex

Having good sexAll women want good sex but a divorced woman really wants it because her sex life with her ex has probably been dead for a while and she’s craving fun and pleasure in her life. This may sound like a great thing for you but you need to make sure you don’t get too invested in her because she might not want a steady relationship yet and is only looking for casual good sex to satisfy her sexual needs until a man she does want to date comes along.

6) She may not be ready a serious relationship

Dating a divorced woman can be complicated, due to the emotional roller coaster she’s going through and the possibility of her looking after her children. She’s dealing with a lot as she gets back into the dating scene and as she starts getting involved in it she may realize that what she thought she wanted is wrong. You need to be prepared to accept sudden changes in the relationship because things may be going great but then she shies away and decides that friends who have good sex may be better than dating.

7) She wants seriousness and stability

There are two qualities that a divorced woman wants in a man: seriousness and stability. She’s gone through a major breakup and doesn’t want a man who plays games or who isn’t honest with her. You need to be able to give her that and it doesn’t matter if she’s with you just for good sex or an actual relationship. She’s looking for a responsible man and you need to decide if you can be what she needs early on before things go too far between you.

8) She has a lot of baggage

A divorced woman has a lot of baggage and not only does this affect you but you also need to help her deal with it without getting too involved. She’s going to have emotional outbursts and trust issues plus struggles with trying to balance dating with her family life and this is going to put stress on your relationship. You need to stay calm when she’s upset, be supportive and don’t get too involved because you’re new to the situation and don’t want to make things worse.

9) She’s going to be honest about what she wants

You have to be aware that there are going to be times when she’s honest about what she wants and it may not be what you want to hear. It’s good to have honesty in a relationship but a divorced woman is tired of secrets and being unhappy so she’s going to be more upfront about how she feels. This can lead to fights if you see it as her criticizing you instead of her trying to make this a relationship that makes her happy and fulfilled.

10) She’s getting used to independence again

If she’s a recently divorced woman than it’s been a long time since she was single and fully independent. She’s getting used to coming home to an empty house, not always having someone to talk to, making decisions without taking into consideration another person’s feelings and doing what she wants when she wants. You need to be okay with the fact that she’s not ready to work together as a couple even though she wants to be in a relationship with you and you need to find a balance so that it’s not a one-sided relationship.

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