10 Things to do when you think you’re going to ejaculate too fast

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Come Away too fast
It’s easy to lose control and come away during sex but doing this too often will cause problems in your relationship. Your partner will feel like you’re not making an effort at making sex good for them and that you’re being selfish even though you aren’t. Sex tips, like foreplay techniques and trying new positions, can help you last longer in bed instead of you putting things to a quick and unsatisfying end.

1) Work on your foreplay techniques

Foreplay techniques will always make sex feel amazing and help you last longer because you and your partner are taking the time to get fully arouse and you’re learning how to appreciate each other’s touches. You can use foreplay techniques like starting with light touches then giving her oral to drive her crazy or caressing non-sexual parts of her body, like her side or her stomach to make her wonder what you’re going to do next will help turn her on and give you time get ready for sex and show your body how to hold on until you’re ready to take things further.

2) Slow things down

When you feel like you’re about to come away you need to slow things down so you can get control over yourself. You can thrust more gently or less often and go back to using foreplay techniques like kissing and touching to keep her interested while you calm down and make sure you don’t suddenly come away. Your partner will love this and won’t realize why you’re doing it because it will seem like you’re so turned on by them that you can’t get enough and want more.

3) Focus on her pleasure

Focus on her pleasure
Making sex all about her isn’t a new sex tip but it’s one that gets overlooked when it shouldn’t. Focusing on her pleasure instead of yours when you’re about to come away can stop that from happening because your attention is elsewhere. This distracts you and your body won’t be able to focus on two things at once so you won’t ejaculate too fast. You can do this while using your foreplay techniques or during the sex act itself and will make your partner feel amazing. Make it a goal to make her come away multiple times before you do and do all of the things that you know she likes.

4) Try a new position

Trying a new position will add excitement to sex and you won’t come away as quickly as you normally would. This is because you’re doing something you’re not used to and your body needs time to adjust and find out what it likes. It’s best to let your partner decide which position to try because if you try one that you’ve been fantasizing about you may get too excited and come away without meaning to. Take things slowly and let your partner show you what they want so you can make it a great experience for both of you.

5) Wear a condom

Wear a Condom
A lot of guys don’t like to wear condoms because it reduces sensitivity but you need this because you’re trying not to ejaculate too fast. You can do this in a new relationship without drawing attention to it because it’s expected to have safe sex until both of you get tested but if you’re in an established relationship your partner will notice you’ve started wearing one again. You need to tell them that you’re worried your come away too quickly during sex and you want your sex life with them to be better so you’re seeing if this will help.

6) Use a desensitizing lube

A lot of men struggle with the fact that they come away too fast and sex isn’t as good as it could be and a product has been made for them: desensitizing lube and cream. You can buy these online or at sex shops and apply it before you have sex. It’ll reduce the amount of sensation you feel so you’ll be able to last longer and it’s easy to apply and not noticeable so you don’t need to tell your partner that you’re using it if you’re embarrassed by the situation.

7) Do kegel exercises

Sex tips like doing Kegel exercises to make sex better are usually associated with women but men can do them too. They’re discreet exercises that tighten your muscles over time and you’ll have more control over your body which will make a difference if you come away during sex. You can do these exercises anywhere and no one will know why or when you’re doing them.

8) Practice edging

Practique Edging
If you have an ongoing issue with ejaculating too fast then you can practice edging to learn how to hold it off. You can do this while you’re masturbating by jerking off like you normally would but stopping just before you orgasm then give yourself a bit of time to calm down before starting again. You can also involve your partner by doing it as part of foreplay techniques by having them give you a handjob or making out with them until you get to the edge then stopping. You keep doing this until you learn to control when you orgasm.

9) Gently squeeze your urethra

Sex tips aren’t always things that are common and if you come away too quickly and want to stop yourself in the middle of sex without ruining things then you can discreetly squeeze your urethra. Pull out of your partner and make out with them while you reach down and use your thumb and finger to gently press down on your urethra, you can find the right spot easily because it’s the tube running along the underside of your penis. This changes blood flow and will mildly decrease sexual arousal.

10) Stop doing things you know will make you come away too fast

Try New sexual fantasies
If you’re consistently ejaculating too fast then the problem might be that you know what you like during sex and you focus on those activities because you want an orgasm. You get used to giving yourself pleasure and you need to break this habit by stopping the activities that you know will make you orgasm and do activities that you may not enjoy but your partner does. This will bring you closer to your partner and you could make sex fun again by exploring fantasies or new positions.

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