10 Success tips for dating your opposite

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dating your oppositeThe saying ‘Opposites attract’ is true for some people and it’s possible you’ll end up dating someone who you’d never thought you’d be with. This can cause you to struggle because you’re not used to being with someone like them and it can cause a lot of fights between the two of you. Your love may not be enough to overcome these issues but if you know how to deal with being in this type of relationship it can have a better chance of success.

1) Be understanding of opposites attract

It’s easy to get frustrated with your partner when they do something that annoys you or to complain about not understanding them and this behaviour causes problems between the two of you. You have to accept that they don’t mean to upset you and that their differences probably play a role in your attraction towards them. Accepting them for who they are is going to make a positive change to your relationship.

2) Talk about your differences

You need to talk about your differences when opposites attract because over time these differences become more obvious and can cause fights. By talking about your differences in a positive way, like telling your partner you like how outgoing they are and saying you’re not like that, makes it clear how you feel without making them feel bad. Knowing what your differences are can make it easier to be in a relationship because they’re not a surprise and you understand how your partner feels.

3) Be supportive of their differences

Opposites attract means you have to be supportive of your partner’s differences even if you don’t understand. When they have a hobby you don’t enjoy or they like a movie you think is silly you shouldn’t laugh or tell them how dumb you think it is. This isn’t healthy and you wouldn’t like it if they did the same thing to you. When they express interest in something you’re not into you need to be supportive and enthusiastic because it’s important to them. IT shows them that you care about them and don’t think that you’re opinion is the only one that matters.

4) See it as a learning opportunity

A good learning opportunity happens when opposites attract but only if you notice it and take advantage of the moment. When your partner mentions a hobby or movie or they react to a situation in a certain way that you don’t like you should make an effort to find out more about it. Go with them as they do the activity or ask them why they like it so much. Not only do you learn more about your partner but it teaches you to have an open-mind and there’s the possibility that you end up liking it as well or seeing things from another point of view.

5) Set boundaries

Setting boundaries is important to do when opposites attract because you’re dealing with a personality you’re not used to. You don’t want to ruin things by accidentally upsetting them or them making you uncomfortable because they didn’t know what your boundaries are. When they say or do something that bothers you let them know and ask them not to do it again around you. Talk to them and find out if there’s anything you do that they don’t like. Set boundaries with each other so you know what behavior is okay.

6) Think about the long-term

When opposites attract there’s times when you get annoyed with each other and when this happens you need to take some time apart. Use this time to think about the long-term and what you want to happen with your partner. Think about how you see the relationship progressing and how much you really love them. Knowing what you want for the long-term can help you realize your priorities and make you more willing to deal with issues or overlook your differences.

7) Find things you have in common

things in common
Finding things in common can make it easier to love someone when opposites attract. Having common interests or ideas can make you feel less like strangers and give you activities to do together. You may think it’s a lust based relationship at first because your personalities are so different which means it takes time to find common ground. You can start by making a list of what’s important to you or what you enjoy and sharing the list with your partner while they do the same to you. When you find things in common you can start enjoying these activities and make date nights out of them.

8) Be willing to compromise

Compromising is something you do a lot when opposites attract and you want to make things work between you and your partner. The two of you are going to have very different interest and ways of dealing with situations. You can’t expect things to go your way every time and you can’t always give in to what they want because that’s not a healthy relationship. Learn how to compromise by doing things their way only when you know it’s important to them and talk about a variety of solutions when it’s something that’s important to both of you.

9) Know how to deal with problems

You need to know how to deal with problems that come up when you’re in a relationship because this is something that happens to everybody. You can make things a lot worse if you deal with it in the wrong way and this is more likely to happen when you and your partner have different personalities. Each of you think that there’s a certain way of dealing with problems and standing your ground won’t work. You need to look at things from your point of view and theirs then talk to them about it. This way makes both of you feel like an equal and once you know what works you can use the tactic again when there’s another issue.

10) Spend time apart

Time apart is healthy when you’re dating, especially when it’s a matter of opposites attract. When you spend too much time together you get on each other’s nerves and you won’t be dating for very long. This is why you need to maintain a social life and spend time with your friends or by yourself so you can get a break from them. It gives you a chance to relax and go to a mindset that you’re used to which makes you more mentally prepared when you go back to them.

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