10 Successful tips for dating a woman whenever you’re overweight

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dating when you are overweightTo be successful at dating you need to have the right attitude because this is what makes people interested in seeing you on a regular basis. The first thing they notice is your appearance and some will overlook you if you’re overweight but if your personality shines through then you’ll be surprised at how many actually want to get to know you better. Women want a man they can enjoy being with which is why they value who you are over how you look. You have to learn about how to best present yourself and build confidence so that you can become boyfriend material at any weight.

1) Be honest about being overweight

Lying is one way to fail at the dating scene because women won’t trust you and they know they can easily find someone else. You need to start the right way by being honest about everything that they need to know about upfront, like your real age and weight. Take a variety of pictures so they know what you look like and don’t hide being overweight. They’re going to eventually find out about it so it’s better to do it sooner rather than later. This gives her a chance to decide if she’s okay with it and you end up dating only those who genuinely don’t mind and like you for who you are.

2) Ask how she feels about it

Ask her in a casual way instead of an upfront way so she’s more likely to give an honest answer and pay attention to how she responds. If she seems bothered by it you can talk to her about it because this gives both of you the opportunity to be honest and decide if it’s really an issue or not.

3) Make positive changes

You can make positive changes to your health before and during dating so make an effort if you think it’s going to help you. You can make small changes in your diet over time to eat healthier foods and slowly build an exercise routine. These changes improve your physical health and appearance and increase your self-esteem. This means you’re more confident when talking to women which makes the right impression on her and she sees you’re a motivated guy who takes his health seriously.

4) Don’t avoid eating on dates

If you’re self-conscious about being overweight it’s going to show in different ways, like not being confident, wearing baggy clothes and hiding how much you eat. Women are good at noticing details and she’s going to pick up on the fact that you don’t eat a lot on dates or avoid taking her to restaurants. She knows you have body issues and depending on how bad this shows through your actions she’s going to have doubts about dating you. You need to eat on dates because it’s a normal thing to do and is something she expects to happen.

5) Be yourself

Being yourself is the key to dating because women want to know whom they’re spending time with and won’t put up with games. Your weight is only one part of you so show her other sides of yourself. Talk about your hobbies, favorite movies, career goals, life goals and how you like to spend your weekends. Show her you have a sense of humor by joking around or telling her a funny story. It’s easy to tell when someone is being themselves and this makes it easier for her to feel a connection with you.

6) Have self-esteem

Your self-esteem need to be in a good place if you want to be boyfriend material because women don’t want to be with a man who doesn’t see himself in a good way. You need to work on this before you start dating because it affects all areas of your life. Push away negative thoughts and tell yourself that you’re a good person, think about your attributes and treat yourself with respect instead of just other people. Acting this way eventually becomes natural and shows through your personality.

7) Choose clothes wisely

The way you present yourself affects your dating life because women aren’t interested in men who seem lazy or lacking in self-awareness. This is why you need to choose your clothes wisely and understand that they say a lot about you. When you’re overweight it’s normal to want to hide it by wearing baggy clothes but they actually make you look bigger and gives the impression you don’t care what you look like. If you wear clothes that fit it shows that you accept your appearance and are still trying to look nice.

8) Act confident

Confidence is a sexy trait to have and it increases your mental health so work on yours because it makes the right impression when dating. When you meet women you need to stand up straight, make eye contact, smile and start the conversation. Even if you don’t really feel confident, if you act like you are then it’s a good way to practice being this way. It shows her that you’re comfortable in your own skin which makes her think that you’re weight isn’t an issue.

9) Pay attention to her

Your embarrassment about being overweight can cause you to have trouble focusing on her because you’re worrying what she thinks of you and you use coping tactics like fidgeting or avoiding eye contact. If your weight doesn’t matter to her then she may mistake this behavior for you not being that interested in her and she’s going to find a way to go as soon as possible. To be successful at dating you need to ignore these types of feelings and pay attention to her. When you first meet it’s about getting to know each other and seeing if there’s attraction so talk to her, ask her questions and make it obvious that you like her.

10) Be sexual when it’s appropriate

It’s hard to be sexual when you have low self-esteem, you may choose to avoid it because you’re ashamed of your body or you may be too sexual as a way of covering up your insecurities. You need to pay attention to the mood between the two of you so you know when it’s appropriate to be sexual. Start with flirting and if she responds well to it then gradually be more outgoing. This should happen as you start dating and try to take things at a pace she’s comfortable with but don’t expect her to take the lead, you’re the man so she expects this from you.

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