10 Tips on getting girls back to your apartment

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Getting girls It’s one thing to ask someone out and have a fun date and it’s another thing to get a girl back to your apartment at the end of the night. She’s going to be nervous and worried about going too far and making you think she’s easy so it won’t be easy to convince her that it’s fine to give in to what both of you want and get laid. You need to be smart about how you take things further with her and make all the right moves until she’s dying to have good sex with you.

1) Offer her a nightcap

If you want to get a girl back to your apartment at the end of the night you can tell her that you had a great time and don’t want it to end. When she says she doesn’t want it to end either you can offer her a nightcap and you can make it sound romantic by mentioning lighting some candles and snuggling on the couch. Having a drink will help loosen the two of you up and snuggling on the couch sounds more sweet and gentle then telling her that you want to get laid.

2) Make her dinner

Starting the date at your apartment is an easy way to get a girl there for some good sex if you’ve gone out with her before or if you’ve talked a lot online. You should only invite her to your place if you know each other fairly well because she’s not going to come over if she’s not comfortable with you. You can make her a candle lit dinner which she’s going to appreciate and the romantic mood is going to help arouse her. You can add to the ambience by playing soft music and after the meal you can take her into the bedroom to give her a massage that will lead to something more.

3) Suggest watching TV together

During your date you can talk about your favorite movies or TV shows to find out which ones you both like to watch. When you find one you have in common be enthusiastic about it and ask her if she wants to go back to your apartment to watch it.

4) Share your taste in music

Music is something that a lot of people love because there’s so many genres to listen to and it evokes a range of emotions. You can get a girl to your place by telling her about your favorite band, make it sound interesting so it grabs her attention then ask if she’d like to listen to their music while having a couple of drinks. It sounds like you’re just going to hang out but it can lead to good sex if you play something romantic or that you can dance to.

5) Give her your undivided attention

You’re not going to get a girl back to your apartment if she feels like you’re only using her for sex or that you’re only dating her until someone better comes along. If you want to get laid you need to make her feel special and you can do this by giving her your undivided attention. Make eye contact, smile, keep up your end of the conversation and don’t check out other women so she knows you only want her.

6) Give her small sensual touches

You can get a girl in the mood and dying to go back to your apartment by turning her on during the date. Start out slowly by lightly touching her hand or arm when you talk to her then move on to touching her thigh, caressing her cheek as you brush her hair off her face and putting your arm around her so you can hold her close. Small sensual touches are going to drive her crazy and she’s going to want more.

7) Flirt and hint at good sex

Flirting and Hinting
If you want to get a girl to want to spend the night with you, you need to make her fantasize about how good it will be. During the date flirt often and hint at how good sex is with you. Tell her that she’s beautiful, she’s all you think about and that you can’t wait to give her the most amazing night of her life. Let her know that you’re dying to touch her and find her most sensitive spots because that will get her imagination going.

8) Find out what she likes

To get a girl in bed you need to make her want to see just how good sex will be with you and a big part of good sex is giving your lover everything they desire. Take the time to get to know what she likes by sitting close to her and whispering to tell you what turns her on. If she’s shy or embarrassed you can make her feel more confident by telling her that you want to make all of her fantasies come true, all she has to do is tell you what she wants.

9) Be confident and take the lead

Women tend to be shy when it comes to sex because they don’t want to seem easy so if you want to get a girl to your apartment you need to be confident and take the lead. When the date is going well you can be upfront and tell her that you want to take her back to your place so you can spend the night together. If she seems unsure you can tell her that it’s fine to be nervous but you won’t think less of her if she does go home with you and that you’re not trying to pressure her. This makes her feel like she has some control in the situation and she’ll be more confident about her decision to go with you.

10) Prepare your apartment ahead of time

Once you get a girl to your apartment you want her to stay there instead of quickly leaving so prepare for her arrival ahead of time. You can clean the place so it looks clean and tidy, have some candles in the bedroom ready to be lit and have drinks chilling in the fridge. You’re more likely to get laid if you feel happy and confident about bringing her to your home and it’ll help her feel safe and comfortable so she’ll stay longer.

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