10 Tips for approaching a woman you like without being weird

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approaching a womanWhen you approach a woman you’re interested in you need to make sure the impression you make is a good one. You’re not going to be successful if you come across as weird or desperate so be mindful of how you act in front of her. You want to make her think you’re a polite, friendly guy who’s taking a chance by talking to her because you couldn’t help noticing her. This makes it more likely she’ll let her guard down and give you a couple of minutes to make your move. If you approach a woman the right way you can quickly lead it into a date that both of you look forward to.

1) Give her plenty of space

You need to be mindful of space when you approach a woman because you don’t want to scare her or make her uncomfortable. Most people know they have to respect other people’s space so it’s weird when you stand too close to her or decide to approach her when she’s in a small space like a hallway or elevator. Keep your distance by standing a foot or two in front of her so she doesn’t feel smothered and knows that it’s easy for her to leave whenever she wants.

2) Smile and make eye contact

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Smiling and making eye contact is a good way to seem friendly if you do it the right way. Try not to stare at her before you go towards her and have a relaxed smile instead of a shy or nervous one. You have to use body language to convey a safe, positive vibe when you approach a woman so she doesn’t wonder why you’re so fixated on her in an intense way. Look at her for a little bit, wait to get her attention and go to her once she’s noticed you.

3) Don’t make physical contact

You should never make physical contact when you approach a woman for the first time because it shows her that you don’t respect boundaries. Keep your hands to yourself and wait until you’ve gotten to know her better before you touch her in any way or let her make the first move. Women want to be dating men who treat them with respect and she appreciates this when it happens which makes you look like the kind of guy she wants to be with.

4) Use a casual walk and stance

Walking too briskly and having a defensive stance with your arms folded in front of your chest is very aggressive and is a turn off. It’s better to take your time and casually walk over to her so you can put her at ease. Having a relaxed stance with your hands at your sides or a hand resting in your pocket makes you look more approachable and she won’t mind being around you.

5) Flirt when it’s appropriate

When you approach a woman they usually think it’s because you’re interested in them. They brace themselves for a cheesy pick up line or a jock who has too much confidence so don’t act this way. She’s ready to turn you down before you even begin but you can delay it by only being a flirt when it’s appropriate. Start things off by introducing yourself and making small talk to break the ice before you compliment her.

6) Introduce yourself

Introducing yourself seems like an obvious thing to do when you approach a woman but a lot of guys get nervous and forget the little things. They go right to trying to pick her up which is weird. You need to keep control of your emotions and take your time because the way you act determines how long she sticks around for. Tell her a bit about yourself, like your name, where you’re from and why you’re talking to her. This helps form a connection between the two of you which can make it easier to bring up the idea of dating.

7) Don’t rush into the idea of dating

Talking about dating too soon makes you seem weird and desperate which is something that no woman wants in a man. You need to see your first interaction with her as a way of laying the foundation to a potential relationship. You want her to start thinking about being with you before you actually ask her out so it’s not a surprise when it happens. When you approach a woman you need to treat her like everyone else and let the sexual attraction naturally happen as you make small talk.

8) Keep the conversation relevant

You need to have an idea of what to talk about when you approach a woman otherwise it’s not going to be a very long conversation. The conversation needs to be relevant to what’s going on because if you start talking about the news or your job it’s going to sound abrupt and weird. If you’re at a restaurant you can ask if she’s been there before or what her favorite menu item is or if you’re outside you can talk about the weather and how nice the local park is. This makes it easier to respond to you and it helps keep the conversation going until you can bring up the idea of dating her.

9) Be genuinely interested in her

Being genuinely interested is important when you approach a woman because she can tell when you’re not serious or only flirting with her because you see it as a game. It’s weird when you talk to someone you’re not interested in and she won’t waste her time with you. This is why you need to be normal and show that you’re genuinely interested in her by making eye contact, smiling, not checking out other women or looking at your phone, and asking questions that help you get to know her better.

10) Make a connection with her

Making a connection shortly after you approach a woman is necessary if you don’t want to look weird. She wants to know why you’re bothering her and you need to quickly get things on the right track before she leaves. You can make a connection by telling her that you couldn’t help but notice her then let small talk happen. Gradually start asking more questions about her and sharing more about yourself so she can begin seeing you for who you really are. This needs to happen before she can consider dating you because it makes you seem more relatable.

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