How to date multiple women without being shady (10 Honest ways)

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dating multiple womenDating multiple women at the same time can be a difficult thing to do because you can either be shady and hide what you’re doing or you can be honest and make an effort to find women who are okay with this. Some guys take the easy way out and hide what they’re doing but it’s best for everyone involved if you’re upfront about what’s going. This can be an awkward thing to do but there are a few different ways you can be open about dating multiple women without coming across like a bad guy.

1) Tell them you’re dating multiple women

Being honest about dating multiple women will upset some of the ones you’re interested in but this makes it clear which ones are okay with it and are a good match for you. It’s worth any problems it may cause because it stops you from ending up in a relationship that is going to end badly because she feels like you’re cheating on her. When you tell them that you’re going to be with multiple women say it in a laidback but firm way so they know you’re serious and you see it as a normal part of your life so they don’t try to change your mind.

2) Don’t be in constant contact with them

You can’t do this when you’re with multiple women because it can send mixed signals and make her think you’re paying attention mostly to her. You need to keep your contact with them at a minimum so they know you can’t always be with them and that you have other women you’re spending time with. You should keep in regular contact with them so they know you genuinely like them but don’t reply to every little text they send.

3) Don’t hide your dating activities

Don’t hide your dating activities because you don’t want anyone thinking you’ve changed your mind about being with multiple women or assume that you were just boasting and not really serious about it. If she asks what you did on the weekend tell her that you went out on a date but don’t go into too many details because you don’t want to upset her. If she asks at the last minute if you want to hookup but you already have plans then don’t cancel them and tell her you’re busy but another night would be good. This helps them have realistic expectations about how busy you are.

4) Be a flirt when you’re around women

An honest way you can be with multiple women is by not hiding when you meet someone you’re attracted to. You need to be careful when you do this so you don’t offend the woman you’re dating at the moment so be subtle so she knows you’re doing it but not making her feel like you’re cheating right in front of her. You can do this by being a sweet flirt and let her know you’re interested in her. You can do this by making eye contact with the new woman and smiling, giving her a compliment or giving her your number.

5) Don’t treat her like a girlfriend

Don’t treat the women you’re dating like they’re your girlfriend because this sends mixed signals and make them think the relationship is more serious than it really is. You want to avoid any misunderstandings so avoid doing things like telling her you love her, let her always spend the night at your place or update your relationship status on social media. Be nice towards her but make sure you leave an emotional distance so she knows you don’t see her as a girlfriend.

6) Never talk about the future

You should never discuss plans for the future if you’re dating multiple women at the same time because you don’t want her to think about what it would be like to settle down with you. If she brings up marriage or children you need to gently remind her that you don’t see that happening for you any time soon and change the subject. You have to keep things in the moment and only discuss the future when you know for sure that you’re ready to commit yourself to her.

7) Don’t meet their friends and family

When you’re dating multiple women you should never meet any of their friends or family members. This is something that a long term boyfriend would do and is going to add confusion to your relationship. You need to turn down any invitations to social gatherings that involve people who are close to any of the women you’re dating and don’t let them meet any of your family or friends. You need to make sure all meetings happen either with just the two of you or in a public place with no one you know.

8) Always use protection

use protection
Not only should you always use condoms when dating multiple women but you also need to let them know that you’re doing this. You don’t want any of them wondering if you’ll give them a disease and you don’t want to risk an unwanted pregnancy. You should always insist on using a condom and mention that it’s important to you that you’re safe with all of the women that you’re with. This lets them know you’re safe to be with and you take sex seriously.

9) Don’t talk about who you’re dating

If you want to avoid being shady you need to be open about the fact that you date multiple women at the same time but you should never share personal details about who you’re with. You need to keep each partner separate and be willing to answer any questions they have without giving them too much information. You can tell them how many other women you’re seeing but don’t tell them any identifying information like names or what part of town they live in.

10) Encourage them to date other guys

It’s shady if you think it’s okay to date multiple women while expecting them to only date you so don’t have this mindset. If you can date other people then so can they and you need to let them know this. Encourage them to date other guys by telling them you don’t mind and that you think it would be good to keep it an open relationship because you don’t want them to get too attached to you. This stops things from going too far and both of you can enjoy the relationship more because it’s an equal playing field.

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