10 Ways to spot fake online profiles

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Fake online profilesWhen a dating profile catches your eye you’re going to be tempted to message them right away but this can be a big mistake. Fake profiles are common on dating sites because scammers know that they’re an easy way to get in touch with lots of people and you don’t want to get involved with someone like this. You need to take the time to check them out before getting in touch to see if there’s any red flags like having stock photos instead of candid photos or not having a completed profile. If someone gets in touch with you first and they’re obviously out of your league then you need to figure out why they’re interested in you and see if there’s anything you have in common with them. Knowing what to look for in a fake dating profile can help you avoid getting entangled with a scammer.

1) There’s no information on their dating profile

It’s exciting to fill out your dating profile because you get to share with potential partners who you are so only people who are a good match will get in touch with you. People with fake profiles don’t bother wasting their time doing this because they know they’re not serious about meeting and will only fill out basic information and upload one or two pictures to make it seem like they’re active on the site. Take the time to look at the what information they put and don’t contact them if you don’t get a feel for who they are as a person.

2) Their pictures look too perfect

One area of a dating profile you need to check is the picture section because this is one of the easiest ways to figure out if the person is the real deal or not. Fake profiles will only have one or two pictures uploaded and they’re usually high quality ones that show a good looking person who is out of your league. Scammers do this to make it seem like they’re serious and attractive but they actually do this because they’re using stock photos and it’s difficult to get multiple candid pictures of the same person so they can only use one or two of them.

3) They ask personal questions right away

It’s normal to ask personal questions because a dating profile won’t tell you everything you want to know but there’s certain ones that a scammer will ask right away because they don’t care about appropriate timing. A genuine person will ask you what you do for a living but a scammer will ask where specifically you work and what kind of money you earn doing that job. If you feel uncomfortable with how much they want to know then it’s a big sign that you need to stop talking to them.

4) They’re out of your league

They are out of your league
Now and again two unlikely people will feel a connection and date but if a person who is out of your league is insistent about meeting you then you need to figure out why. Check out their dating profile to see if you have anything in common with them and ask why they want to get to know them. Be honest about feeling like they’re out of your league and see how they respond because fake profiles will give vague excuses about why they messaged you whereas a real person will know exactly why they’re attracted to you.

5) What they tell you doesn’t match their dating profile

A scammer usually has multiple fake profiles and this makes it hard for them to keep track of who they’re talking to and what they’ve posted. There’s a good chance they’ll slip up and say something that doesn’t match their dating profile, like their age or where they’re from. When you notice a mistake you should stop responding to their messages because a real person would know basic information like that without getting confused.

6) They want to message on another site

Fake profiles are usually done by scammers who want to get you to join another site that’s usually a member only on or message elsewhere so they have a better chance of getting your personal information. If they say they feel comfortable talking on another site or send you a link then you should delete the message and block them so they can no longer contact you.

7) They don’t want to talk face to face

Most people know that it’s a good idea to take things slow on a dating site because you’re talking to a stranger so they’re hesitant to show their face. That’s okay for a short while but there comes a time when you need to make sure that the other person is who they say they are. If they refuse to get on cam or meet in person then they’re hiding something from you and you can’t trust them.

8) Their messages are short and vague

People with fake profiles are messaging tons of people and it’s difficult for them to keep track of conversations so they keep their messages short and vague. They do this because their messages are appropriate for most situations and they can send them to multiple people without worrying about making a mistake. Read their messages carefully and if they never write anything specific then they’re not making an effort and are hoping you don’t notice it.

9) They agree with everything you say

Scammers will tailor their dating profile and messages to trick the person they’re talking to because they want to seem like a great catch. They agree with everything you say so that you feel a connection with them but they’re doing the same thing to other people. It’s unlikely they’re a perfect match for you and if you can’t find any flaws in them then they’re showing you a fake persona that they’ve built to entice you. You can try to test their sincerity by saying something you know most people won’t agree with, like a controversial view on politics or religion, and if it doesn’t bother them then they’re just going along with it to keep you talking to them.

10) You can find their pictures on other sites

There are different sites you can use to trace pictures posted online and you can use them to determine if a dating profile is real or not. Look for a free site that searches for online images and do a trace on the pictures that they’re uploaded. If the pictures are from fake profiles then they’ll turn up on other sites and you’ll see if they’re stock photos or pictures that have been stolen from someone else’s social media site.

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