The 11 best ways to start a conversation with a girl online without sounding creepy

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Girl onlineKnowing how to start a conversation without sounding creepy is important if you want to be successful with online dating otherwise you’re going to make women feel uncomfortable and they’re going to quickly stop talking to you. When you meet a girl online you want to charm her and grab her attention so she wants to keep talking to you and eventually meet in person. Using the right approach can make a huge difference so know how to break the ice, make her laugh and get her craving you.

1) Ask if she wants to talk to you

When you want to talk to a girl online you need to remember that lots of guys message her and they expect her to answer quickly. This can get overwhelming at times so be respectful and ask her if she wants to talk to you before sending a long message. Your question is going to make you stand out from the others and she’s going to appreciate your thoughtfulness which is going to make her more likely to talk to you.

2) Don’t use sexist terms

How to start a conversation should be done in a polite way so when you send your first message you should call her by her profile name or a name she’s called herself in her profile. You’re going to offend her if you start your conversation with “Hey babe.”, “Hi sexy.” or a similar sexual term.

3) Mention what caught your attention

It’s easy to start a conversation in a generic way and say the same thing to others you’re also messaging but women can tell that little effort has been put into it and you see her as just another profile instead of a person. When you talk to a girl online you can mention what caught your attention when looking over her profile and use that as a conversation starter.

4) Compliment her profile picture

You’re going to sound creepy if the first thing you say to her is how sexy she looks and expect her to be flattered and dying to talk to you. When you meet a girl online it’s nice to compliment her so do it in a gentlemanly way by telling her she looks attractive and that her friendly smile made her stand out from all of the other profiles.

5) Don’t ask her about sex

asking her for sex One of the main reasons for meeting a girl online is to hookup and everyone knows this but you shouldn’t make this the focus of your first conversation. Being focused on sex is going to make you seem creepy and desperate which are not qualities she’s going to be looking for in a partner. When you’re deciding how to start a conversation with her you should think about how to be appealing and make a connection with her and wait for her to bring up sex.

6) Don’t mention her private life

Meeting a girl online for the first time you should be mindful of personal boundaries and only talk about neutral topics like your name, something interesting about yourself or something you have in common with her. You should never ask about her private life until you’ve gotten to know each other a bit so avoid asking about her family, friends or what part of town she lives in.

7) Be friendly and open

Most people have an idea of the kind of person they want to meet and don’t like wasting time messaging people who aren’t compatible with them. This causes them to list what they don’t want in a partner early on but this comes across as creepy. When you’re talking to a girl you’ve met online you need to be friendly and open-minded instead of expecting to know right away if she’s a good match for you. Don’t ask her a million questions, just take your time getting to know her.

8) Ask her a compelling question

Things will quickly end with the girl online you’re talking to if you keep it simple and boring because there’s nothing to grab her attention or make her feel compelled to keep the conversation going. This is why you need to end your side of the conversation by asking her a question that’s easy for her to answer, like what her favorite movie is or what kind of relationship she’s looking for.

9) Talk about yourself

You’re going to sound creepy if you start a conversation by acting too familiar with her and expecting her to have read everything in your profile. You should break the ice by telling her your name and information about yourself that she’d be interested in, such as where you live, some of your hobbies and that you think she’s the type of girl you’re looking for.

10) Have a sense of humor

A sense of humor is a great way to show a girl online that you’re a fun guy to be around and that you have a positive attitude. You can look up funny jokes or cheesy pickup lines and use that as a conversation starter. Don’t let that be the only thing you say though because she does want a guy who is taking things seriously. Say something funny then be more serious and tell her a bit about yourself because this is going to put her in a good mood and she’ll be interested in talking to a laid-back guy with a good sense of humor.

11) Let her decide when to talk again

One way to quickly be creepy is by being demanding and telling her when you want to talk to her again, especially if you’ve only just met the girl online. You need to let her decide if she’s interested in you and let her set the pace of how things go so that you don’t give her the wrong impression. After introducing yourself and talking for a bit you should say that you enjoy talking to her and that you hope she feels the same way. Let her know when you’ll be online again and that she can get in touch when she’s ready to.

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