11 Facts about women and their crazy logic when dating

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Crazy Logic
Women think differently than men and this leads them to think that women have crazy logic, especially when it comes to dating. They think women get jealous easily and that they unrealistic expectations but these things make sense to women. If you want to understand the crazy logic of women then you need to understand their reasoning.

1) Appearances only matter if it’s a hookup

Men tend to complain about women overlooking them and only going after the good looking guys but women only do this when it’s a hookup. When it comes to dating they make their choice based on personality because they want a man they like and get along with since it’s a serious relationship. Hookups are different because they supposed to be wild and fun so women will be more picky when it comes to appearances because they know it’s a one time thing. They want to sleep with the best they can get and will reject men they’d normally go out with.

2) Flirting on dating sites isn’t serious

You might feel like the women you’ve been flirting regularly with on dating sites like Fbookhookups are serious about the relationship but usually they aren’t. You end up getting hurt when you realize that she’s not as serious about it as you are but women know that it isn’t real until you’ve met in person. Most women expect guys to be either looking for masturbation material or are scammers on dating sites and will keep an emotional distance until they know you’re real.

3) They’re not really jealous of other women

Women don’t get jealous of other women, they get jealous about how you treat other women compared to them. They only get upset when they see you checking them out, flirting with them or complimenting them when you don’t bother doing the same things with them. The woman you’re dating wants your attention and feel like you don’t love them when you notice other women. It hurts their feelings and your behavior is what causes them to be jealous.

4) Conversations need to be meaningful

A lot of importance is placed on conversations and women feel that most of the emphasis is on them being meaningful. This is why so many men and women have trouble communicating with each other, they treat words differently. Men think a short, simple conversation is fine but women feel like it’s lacking and that not much was said which leaves them feeling like you’re not communicating. You need to put more effort into talking to her and use meaningful words that express what you’re thinking and feeling so she understands you better.

5) Their appearance does matter

Appearance matters a lot to women and they can obsess over it to the point where men see it as being crazy. They don’t know why it’s such a big deal and they’re just happy their girlfriend looks nice. Appearance has a lot to do with self-confidence and with feeling secure in a relationship. When they make an effort to look good they feel better about themselves and they’re less likely to worry about you cheating on them with someone prettier.

6) She wants a fairytale

They love a fairytale
They try to change their boyfriend into the man they want instead of accepting him for who he is, they have ideas for dream dates and they have ideas for their wedding before they even discuss marriage. They grow up fantasizing about a fairytale and it’s hard to let go of it when they grow up.

7) Monogamy needs to be agreed to

Monogamy is something that needs to be talked about and agreed on instead of assuming that that’s a type of relationship you’re in. Dating sites make it easier for people to have casual cyber relationships and women are becoming laxer when it comes to relationship boundaries. There’s a good chance that if you’re dating someone using dating sites like Monkeyhookups that she’s flirting with other guys on there besides you but she won’t tell you. She won’t feel bad about it because the two of you never agreed to be monogamous.

8) They date men they feel they deserve

Women date men they feel they deserve which is why you sometimes like at a couple and wonder why she’s dating him instead of you or someone else. Women look at men and make decisions about them before dating and automatically think things like “He’d never date someone like me.” if she has low self-esteem or “He seems nice.” if she feels good about herself. This is why she might be unsure about dating you and thinks you’ll break up with her when someone better comes along.

9) They don’t always mean what they say

Men see this as crazy logic because they say what they mean and don’t think too much about it but women say one thing but mean another. This is because words have different levels of meaning to them and they assume men think the same way. When they say nothing is wrong or that they’re fine they expect you to read between the lines and understand that nothing is seriously wrong but something is bothering them. They don’t want to sound like they’re complaining so they hint at what they’re feeling.

10) They need you to reassure them

Women know there are lots of other women out there who are either more beautiful, smarter or outgoing than they are and they focus on what’s wrong with them by comparing themselves to these women. They tend to focus on their negative aspects and ignore the positive ones until it feels like the negative ones are bigger than what they really are. They need someone to reassure them that they’re fine the way they are and this person is usually their boyfriend since their opinion matters a lot.

11) Their girlfriends have a lot of power

Powerful Girlfriends
Women tell their girlfriends everything, including their relationships and their friendship is strong because no one knows them as well. Their girlfriends are the ones they get support from which means they have a lot of power and can sway how she feels about the guy she’s dating. If her girlfriends don’t like you then she’s going to take their opinions seriously and think about breaking up with you. Her girlfriends will always take priority and she trusts them more than you.

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