11 Reasons why women run as you’re getting closer

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When She pull Way Women are seen as being more comfortable with relationships than men and there’s an idea that they want to be in them so it confuses men when they pull away. This can mean that she’s not as interested in you as you thought she was but there are other reasons that might explain her behavior like your aggressiveness or confusion about how she feels.

1) She was expecting a casual relationship

If you met her on an adult dating site like AdultFriendFinder and she said she was looking for fun then she was probably expecting to have a casual relationship with you. When things start getting more serious it took her by surprise and she didn’t know how to react. Pulling away is her way of changing her expectations and figuring out what she really wants with you. You need to give her time and let her decide how she needs to deal with this situation so she doesn’t feel pressure from you.

2) Things are moving too fast

She might pull away even though she has feelings for you if things are moving too fast. Try and take things at a pace she’s comfortable with by watching her body language and seeing how she responds to you. If she’s seems uneasy then try backing off a bit to see if she starts moving close again. The issue may be that she’s feeling overwhelmed and wants to take things slower so she can get to know you better.

3) Your aggressiveness scares her

Your aggressiveness might be scaring her even if you’re not aware of acting that way. Aggressiveness doesn’t have to be scary or violent; it can be done in a subtle way that you don’t notice. If you text her a lot or want to see her constantly then you might be coming across as aggressive or possessive and she won’t want to be around you. Take a more laid back approach and be in touch less often so she doesn’t feel like you’re trying to own her.

4) She’s unsure of her feelings

She might be unsure of how she feels about you and needs time alone to think about it. She’ll pull away because she doesn’t want you to influence her and make her even more confused and will be distant as a way to focus on herself. Let her know that you’re attracted to her but that you understand if she isn’t ready for a relationship so she doesn’t feel like she has to make a quick decision.

5) She’s had her heart broken

It’s scary falling in love with someone, especially if you’ve had your heart broken so she might not be ready to get closer to you even though she wants to. When things start getting too serious she’s going to remember what happened last time and she’s going to be afraid of being hurt again so you need to show her that you’re serious and that you care about her. Be supportive and gently remind her that you’re not like her ex and that she should give you a chance.

6) She’s wondering how to make the relationship work

If it’s a complicated relationship then she might be trying to figure out how to make things work. You need to sit down and talk with her so that she knows you want to make things work and deal with issues like dealing with ex-spouses or children. She might not know how to make everything fit together and knowing you’re on her side can make her feel more confident about dating you.

7) She doesn’t feel the same way as you

She might pull away because she doesn’t feel the same way as you and doesn’t know how to tell you or she likes you but her feelings aren’t as strong and she doesn’t know if that will change. Think about how things feel when you’re together because the spark of excitement might be missing and you know it as well as she does. If you think things are going to end then you can make things easier for her by suggesting you take a break.

8) She doesn’t want to admit to being in love

Admitting you’re in love makes you vulnerable and when you’re the first one to say it you don’t know for sure if the other person feels the same way. If she’s unsure about how you feel but she knows she’s falling in love then she won’t want to admit it. She’ll pull away because she doesn’t want to risk being hurt or rejected. Tell her that you love her and that you see a future with her then let her take things from there.

She is not interested on You

9) She’s interested in you and someone else

She might like you while also having feelings for another guy so she won’t be able to give you all of her attention. She’s trying to figure out which guy she should go for and isn’t ready to make a commitment in case things don’t work out with one of you. It might be better if you keep your relationship casual or see if she’d prefer a friend with benefits situation so she can keep her options open.

10) You’re smothering her

You might be smothering her and she’ll want some space so she can feel more relaxed around you. You might act more clingy or possessive if you sense she’s pulling away and want to keep her interested in you so you’ll tell her often how much you like her or try to go out on more dates. Trying to make her want to be with you is going to have the opposite affect and she’ll want to take a break from you so you need to back off.

11) You’re not open about how you feel

If you’re not open about how you feel then she might think you’re losing interest in her. Guys find it difficult talking about their feelings and this can come across as you not being serious about her or only be with her for sex. You need to let her know that you really do care about her and this might help a lot because women find it attractive when men aren’t afraid to open up.

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