11 Ways to be a better partner after 40

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Being better Partner After 40
Being a better partner is something you should always strive to be because self-improvement is a healthy aspect of life and this can help make your relationships stronger and longer lasting. The qualities that you develop when trying to be a better partner will also make dating over 40 easier because you’ll be more confident and will have learned from past mistakes.

1) Learn from past mistakes

Dating over 40 means you’ve had lots of relationship experience and they all ended for a reason so think about the role you played in breakups and what you could have done differently. Apply what you’ve learned to your next relationship so it’s a happier and longer one.

2) Be willing to take chances

Taking Chances
When you get to a certain age you’re less likely to take risks and this can get you stuck in a rut which can cause women to find you boring. You want to be able to offer your partner some substance to get them interested in you. If you’re willing to take chances you’ll go to places you’ve never been before, you’ll meet people who are different to you and you’ll have interesting stories to tell on dates.

3) Focus on experiences

Experiences are more meaningful than superficial things like money or possessions so don’t try to be a silver fox who likes to spoil his girlfriend. You need to show your partner that your love is real by sharing meaningful experiences with them and letting them know that you don’t just see them as a short term fling or as someone to keep you company in middle age. Having experiences will bring you closer together and strengthen your bond.

4) Go for fun date ideas

Fun Date Ideas
Fun date ideas will help keep the excitement in your relationship and give you new experiences to share. They can be affordable things like a picnic under the stars and going to a local festival or it can be a more expensive thing like going to a wine tasting or a concert. The important thing is that it’s fun and you can show your partner that you like to let loose and experience what life has to offer.

5) Be open-minded

You need to be open-minded if you want to be a better partner because if you’re not it can lead to you criticizing your partner for their flaws which will lead to a break up or it can cause you to date someone that isn’t right for you because you don’t want to risk taking a chance with someone who doesn’t have all of the qualities you’re looking for. You need to be flexible with who you date and accept that there isn’t a perfect partner for you.

6) Maintain friendships

If you don’t spend time with your friends and get caught up in dating then you’re going to become dependent on your partner and that will put a strain between the two of you. Couples need time away from each other so they don’t feel smothered and they can enjoy the social aspects that they’re used to from their single days. Maintaining friendships when you’re dating can help make you a better partner because it gives you an extra support system and a life outside of your relationship.

7) Look for personality, not sex

When you’re dating over 40 you’re old enough to know that sex based relationships don’t last and that a good personality is what will keep you interested in your partner. This means you have to work out any personality issues you have so you make a good first impression and can be a good person to date. It also means that when you’re looking for someone to date you take your time to find someone who’s a good personality match and not go out with someone just because you want to have sex with them.

8) Act like a gentleman

Be a Gentleman
Women want to date a gentleman and not a guy who doesn’t know how to act his age so you need to embrace dating over 40 and present yourself as a confident, mature gentleman who knows how to treat a woman. You need to show respect and thoughtfulness, be up to date on news topics and things that are going on in the world so you can keep up with any conversation, and show a genuine interest in getting to know her. This will show her that you know how to be a gentleman and the relationship will be a success because you’re making an effort to treat her right.

9) Take things slowly

Taking things slowly can make you a better partner because you’re making an effort to really get to know your partner. A new relationship is exciting but rushing into sex or pressuring them for commitment can complicate things or make the spark fade quickly. By taking your time you’re showing them that you respect and value them and that you care about creating a bond with them before making serious decisions that will affect both of you.

0) Remember the importance of romance

Romance is important at every stage of your relationship because it shows love, passion and thoughtfulness which makes the bond between you strong. To be a better partner you need to bring romance back into your relationship and make it a frequent occurrence because it has a big impact. You can show your partner how much you care by surprising them with flowers, a candle lit dinner, a back rub or a night with no distractions.

11) Look for an equal partner

Equal Partners
If you want to be a better partner you need to be with someone you get along with and who makes you want to improve yourself otherwise you won’t feel like making an effort. The best way to do this is by being choosy about who you date and only going out with those who are your equal. You’ll feel like you need to meet their expectations and will want to live up to their idea of you without it turning into a power trip like it would if you dated someone you saw as your inferior. You’ll want this relationship to work so you’ll constantly change what you need to and will make an effort to be romantic, caring and loving.

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