12 Ways weed affects your sex drive

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Weed affects your sex drive
Weed is one of those substances that can help with your sex drive and make you last longer in bed if you smoke it in small quantities but it can have negative affects if you smoke too much of it. You need to know the variety of ways that weed can affect your sex drive so you can determine if you need to start smoking more of it or cut back on your consumption of it.

1) Weed helps you last longer in bed

Weed can help you last longer in bed because one of the side affects is a distortion in your sense of time. It may feel like you’ve only been having sex for a short amount of time so you’ll keep going because you’re not ready to stop or it could make a regular sex session seem longer than it actually was. You’ll like being able to last longer in bed because it’s more fun and satisfying so your sex drive will increase because you’re craving more of it.

2) Your sex drive is increased

You’ll notice an increase in your sex drive when you smoke weed because it’s a different experience from regular sex. You’ll feel sensations more strongly, you’ll last longer in bed, your orgasms will be stronger and you’ll be more adventurous so it becomes something you want often. Weed can also affect the area of your brain that makes you feel euphoric so when you smoke it before sex you’ll link that feeling to having sex which will add to your desire for it.

3) It can reduce testosterone levels

Testosterone levels affects sex drive in men and women plus it has an impact on a man’s ability to get an erection. Smoking too much weed can reduce testosterone levels and you’ll lose interest in sex without realizing why. If you think you might be smoking too much weed you can try cutting back and seeing if it makes a difference to your sex life.

4) Doing something naughty can turn you on

Weed is illegal in a lot of places still and if you live in one of these places smoking it will make you feel like you’re doing something naughty. Adding it to sex will give you a rush out of doing something taboo and you’ll want to relive that feeling. It can also be a fun way to break the ice if you’re meeting someone from hookup apps and both of you will relax before taking things into the bedroom.

5) You’ll want sex with weed more often

Once you combine weed with sex you’ll see what a great experience it can be and your sex drive will increase from the anticipation of doing it again. It will become a habit and since it feels so good you’ll start having sex more often, whether it’s with your partner or with people on hookup apps. You’ll find sex without weed boring and you won’t want to go back to what you were doing before.

6) It may cause infertility

Smoking too much weed can affect your sex drive if you’re trying to have children because it may cause infertility. Smoking weed on a regular basis can cause sperm counts to drop and knowing that it’s affecting your fertility will be in the back of your mind so you’ll have a harder time getting aroused because you’re worrying about it. Take a break from it if you’re trying to start a family then take it up again when you’re ready to.

7) You’ll be more adventurous

Using Hookup apps
Weed will lower you inhibitions and you’ll be more adventurous by either trying more things in the bedroom or engaging in riskier behaviour by meeting strangers from hookup apps like adultfriendfinder app. Being more adventurous will increase your sex drive because it’s natural to want more exciting experiences and you’ll enjoy feeling empowered enough to push your boundaries.

8) You’ll be less stressed

Stress is one of the biggest factors that affect your sex drive and you can reduce the amount of stress you feel by smoking weed. When you’re less stressed you’ll feel more energetic and open-minded which can increase your sex drive. It’ll be easier for you to get in the mood because you’re not worrying about anything and you’re able to stay in the moment.

9) Natural lubrication may be decreased

Natural lubrication for women may be decreased when they smoke weed because it can dry mucus membranes. This can make sex painful or less enjoyable for women which will make their sex drive go down. Not all strains of weed can cause this to happen so you need to experiment with different ones if you or your partner have problems with getting wet naturally.

10) You feel less of a connection to your partner

Weed makes you focus more on yourself and what you’re feeling which can affect your sex drive. If you’re having sex with people you’re meeting on hookup apps then there’s already a minimal connection between the two of you and you won’t feel anything for them during sex and if you have a strong connection with your long-term partner it will lessen while you’re high. Some people need this emotional or mental connection in order to feel satisfied during sex and they won’t get that if they’re smoking weed.

11) Sensations will be stronger

Sensations are stronger when you smoke weed because of the affect it has on your brain and this will make sex an intense experience. Your body is relaxed and more sensitive to stimulation so the smallest touches will drive you crazy and you’ll experience the kind of sex that you’ve never had before. It’ll become all you can think about it and you’ll be amazed at what your body can do so you’ll be eager to have sex again after smoking weed.

12) Orgasms last longer

Last Longer in bed
Orgasms will last longer after you’ve smoked weed because time seems to go slower when you’re high and because your reaction to sensations are heightened. You’ll notice a difference between this type of orgasm and the kind you have without weed and you’re sex drive will increase because your body will want to experience such an intense orgasm again. Your brain will link strong orgasms to smoking weed and you’ll know that that’s the only way you’ll be able to have those kinds of orgasms.

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