6 Things to do if a condom breaks

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What to do if a condom breaks Having a condom break during sex is something that men and women need to deal with because consequences affect them both. Getting tested for an STI is important for both since they can affect anyone and women need to talk to their gynecologist about the risk of pregnancy while men need to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

1) Tell your partner

Your partner might not have realized the condom broke so you need to tell them what happened. Be calm about it and think about what steps need to be taken to deal with the situation. Condoms don’t always break in one piece and a piece of it might still be inside her. If that’s happened then it needs to be taken out otherwise it could cause an irritation or an infection. She also needs to know because there are other risks she needs to think about like pregnancy and STI’s.

2) Clean yourself

Cleaning yourself thoroughly with soap and water won’t stop you from getting an STI or getting pregnant but it might help because you’re decreasing the time you’re in contact with his sperm. Avoid douching though because this could push the sperm deeper inside and that will increase your chances of pregnancy or getting an infection which will be difficult to treat.

3) After sex precautions

There are precautions women can take after having unprotected sex so they can avoid pregnancy. They can take the morning after pill which is available at most pharmacies. She can also go to a health clinic like Planned Parenthood and see what other options they have because there are a few different types available. Women and men can also get HIV retro-viral medications from Planned Parenthood which can prevent their chances of getting HIV although it’s not guaranteed to work.

4) Get tested for an STI

Men and women will need to get tested for an STI after a condom breaks, no matter how much they think they’re okay. It takes time for an STI to show up so go to the health clinic and schedule your first test. Some diseases like HIV require follow up tests so talk to a professional and find out what you need to get tested for and when. Don’t be scared to get the results because it’s important for your health and share your results with your partner if they’re the main person you’re having sex with.

5) Find out why it broke

Condoms break for lots of reasons and you need to find out why yours did so it doesn’t happen again. It might have been because the condom was too tight and you need a different size or the condom was old and brittle so you need to buy a new pack. If it’s not either of those things then it might be because you used the wrong kind of lube and it weakened the condom or the pack came from a faulty batch.

6) Watch for pregnancy

Even though pregnancy can only happen during a short amount of time each month due to ovulation women rarely know when they’re most fertile. They need to watch out for pregnancy after having unprotected sex and make sure they don’t miss a period.

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