7 Questions to ask yourself before sending a dick pic or sexy text

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Dick PicSending a dick pic or dirty texts to someone is a risky thing to do if you haven’t thought it through or if you don’t know them well. It could cause you to upset her if she isn’t expecting you to send one and if she isn’t trustworthy then she could share them online. Before you send a dick pic or sexy text it’s a good idea to think about it and make sure it’s the right decision.

1) Is it the right time to send a dick pic?

There’s a right time and a wrong time to send a dick pic so you need to decide which one it is for the kind of relationship you’re pursuing. If you’ve only just met and this is your way of quickly taking things to a sexual level then it’s the wrong time to send it. Women want to move at a slower pace so they can get to know you before they’re comfortable taking things further. If things are flirty between the two of you and you know there’s a strong sexual vibe between the two of you then it can be an appropriate time to send her something naughty. Where you’ve met this woman also depends on when to send her this because if it’s on an online dating site then things are expected to move at a faster pace than if it you met at a bar or on a blind date.

2) Is she trustworthy?

It’s important that you only send sexual things to women that are trustworthy because you don’t know what they’re going to do with it once they receive it. This is why you can’t send dick pics on a whim because you’re turned on and want some action. Think about how she’s treated personal things in the past and if you feel confident sharing this with her. If you’re unsure of her being trustworthy or don’t know her very well then consider telling her that it’s meant for her eyes only or send a pic that doesn’t show your face so you still have some privacy if she decides to share it. If she’s asking for one but isn’t willing to reciprocate then that’s a sign she’s hiding something or isn’t trustworthy and you should think twice about what you’re doing.

3) Are both of you sending dirty texts?

sending dirty text It’s better to send dirty texts if it’s a mutual thing because both of you are taking a risk and you understand how important it is to keep it between the two of you. It’s a way of ensuring that both of you are being trustworthy. If you’re the one who is constantly sending her sexual stuff and she’s only doing it occasionally then she’s going to feel pressure from you and think you’re only texting her because you want to get off or that her libido isn’t high enough to make you happy. Since this is a sexual thing it’s very personal and intimate so it should be done as a couple so both of you can have fun and enjoy it.

4) Will it send the wrong message?

When you’re sending something naughty you need to make sure you’re not giving the wrong impression because it can ruin the relationship. You can send the wrong message by texting how hard or how horny you are because it sounds like you only care about how you feel. This makes the woman you’re sending it to feel like you’re just trying to get attention so you have motivation to orgasm. Women don’t like being used and she’s going to end things with you if she thinks you’re making it only about your sexual needs. When you send sext messages or a dick pic tell her that you can’t wait to see her and ask her if she’s in a kinky mood like you are. This is giving her a choice and lets her decide how to proceed.

5) Do you know what to say?

You need to know what to say in dirty texts before you send them otherwise you’ll say something you regret. Sexy text messages need to start out fun and flirty then gradually become more kinky as the two of you message back and forth. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and send texts fast because you’re having fun but you should take a second to find the right thing to say and re-read your message before you send it to make sure you’re okay with it. You also need to make sure that what you’re texting is something that will arouse her instead of it being something that you like because women tend to like a softer version of dirty talk than men do.

6) Does the dick pic look good?

You need to look at the dick pic you took with a critical eye and make sure that it looks good because you’re sending it for a reason. You have to look at your physical appearance and see if you’re standing at a good angle and look at your pubic hair to see if you need to trim the area. You also need to look at what’s around you because you don’t want a messy background or anything embarrassing being seen by her. Good lighting is also important to have and try to look sexy or shy instead of arrogant because women like a more sensual approach.

7) Have you posted this dick pic online?

Men tend to post a couple of dick pics on their dating profiles or send them regularly to the woman they’re talking to and forget which ones they’ve already sent. She doesn’t want to see a dick pic that you’ve already posted online because she knows lots of other women have seen it and it doesn’t feel like it’s special and meant for her. She also doesn’t want a dick pic that you’ve sent before because she knows you didn’t make an effort to take a new one and that makes her not want to bother sending you a dirty text back. Send her a dick pic that’s new so it’ll be more fun and exciting, especially if you send it with a flirty text.

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