7 Real reasons why women never go for the nice guys

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Women like bad guys There’s a saying that nice guys finish last and this is because women like to date the bad boy but will settle for the nice guy when they’re ready to get married. These are a few reasons why good guys will always be overlooked for the bad boys:

1) They’re bored

Women get tired of dating good men because they tend to be predictable and this gets boring over time. Dating loses its appeal and they seek out a guy that can give them a new experience. They’ll go to online dating sites like Fbookhookups and find a guy that’s the complete opposite of what they’re used to.

2) They need excitement

Bad boys are exciting because you never know what to expect from them and they’re always pushing boundaries. This keeps the relationship fresh and women feel a rush whenever they’re around them. They associate excitement with sexual desire and the bad boy fuels their dirtiest fantasies.

3) They want the unattainable

There are lots of nice, polite guys in the world so the bad boys stand out. This makes them seem different and sexy which makes them seem like a rare prize that every woman will want. Women will date these guys just to make a point and to brag to their girlfriends about the guy they’re with. These relationships don’t last long once the novelty wears off and they either seek out a new bad boy or change their dating criteria.

4) They see a challenge

Women get a sense of mystery from bad boys and see it as a challenge to turn them into their dream guy. They want to tame the bad boy and make him into the sexy nice guy they really want.

5) They see the good and bad

Good men seem one dimensional and women wonder what they’re hiding whereas with bad boys they can see their dark side as well as glimmers of goodness. This makes them seem more open while good guys seem too good to be real which will make women feel unsure around them. Women don’t want to date a guy that’s a doormat who represses their feelings.

6) They want confidence

Women think of good men as being quiet and shy which aren’t always attractive qualities in a man. A bad boy has attitude and this is often seen as being confidence which is appealing to women. It’s only after dating for a while that they realize this type of confidence is rudeness and arrogance.

7) They want great sex

When women are browsing online dating sites like Victoria Milan there are two types of guys they might be looking for: the guy they can have a long term relationship with or a guy they can have a hot night of sex with. Bad boys seem like they know how to have hot, dirty sex which is something that all women fantasize about.

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