7 Reasons why attractive people can’t find a partner

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Attractive People It’s easy to think that attractive people are lucky in love and can easily find a life partner but the opposite is actually true. It can be a lot harder for them to find a life partner than it is for people who are average looking because people treat them differently and there’s an idea that they’re too beautiful and special to date seriously. They also have to deal with wrong and hurtful misconceptions and this can take a toll on their emotional well-being and trust levels. The attitudes about attractive people means that finding a life partner takes more time, work and effort which people don’t seem to realize.

1) They have more life partner choices

Attractive people have more life partner choices because they don’t have to settle for just anyone that’s interested in them. Lots of people want to date them and having a lot of options can make it difficult for them to decide who is right for them. This can be overwhelming and confusing for them and instead of struggling with this they may decide it’s better to be single so they don’t have to deal with that situation. They may also decide to keep their options open and date a couple of people at the same time because they think they’ll suddenly know who is right for them but this approach leads to them never making a decision and choosing one of them to seriously date. Having more choices isn’t always a good thing and can make it hard to find someone who is an ideal life partner.

2) Other people feel jealousy towards them

Someone who feels jealousy for a specific person may start rumours about them and they end up with a bad reputation so no one wants to date them. It takes a lot of work to move past rumours and they may not be able to do this because once people have a first impression of you they’re unlikely to be open-minded enough to change it. Another thing that can happen is that they will be dating someone who struggles with jealousy because they worry about their partner cheating on them. Having a jealous partner will ruin a relationship and the attractive person will find it harder to trust and fall in love again.

3) Attractive people can be intimidating

There’s a social view that attractive people are better than everyone else and there’s something special about them which gives them an intimidating presence. This intimidating feeling follows them like a cloud and it overshadows what their true personality is like because their attractiveness will always be the first thing people notice about them. This means that even though lots of people are attracted to them, only a small amount will be confident enough to ask them out. Average looking people feel that they’re not good enough to date someone beautiful and don’t realize they may have a great personality that others would love. They may also think that the attractive person would only go out with them because of pity and they worry that they’ll be dumped as soon as the attractive person finds someone better. The fear of being rejected and the nervousness from intimidation stops them from taking a chance and asking them out and instead they’ll date other average looking people. Since people are too intimidated to ask out attractive people they end up being single more often than others.

4) There are misconceptions about attractive people

There are misconceptions about attractive people that others believe and this makes them avoid dating these kind of people because they assume they know what it would be like. Society thinks that attractive people are snobby, superficial, less intelligent, sexually promiscuous and high maintenance which are all qualities that no one wants in a life partner. People see someone beautiful and immediately think this is how they are and they don’t make an effort to get to know what they’re really like. If they do see an attractive person being kind, funny and acting like a normal person they assume they’re being fake and won’t take them seriously which gives them another misconception to believe in. It’s hard for an attractive person to be seen as being smart, thoughtful, reliable and serious which makes people less likely to consider them as life partners.

5) They’re seen as sex objects

Seen as sex objects
Attractive people are seen as sex objects and are the standard in beauty magazines and porn which makes normal looking people see them in one of two ways: as a sex object that they only want to sleep with for bragging rights or as a sex object that uses their good looks to sleep with as many people as they can. The people who want to sleep with them for bragging rights will only date them until they achieve their goal or the attractive person stops dating them and the people who see them as being slutty won’t go out with them at all. This makes it hard for them to form a solid relationship and settle down with a life partner.

6) Attractive people find it harder to trust

It’s harder for attractive people to trust because throughout their life they have to deal with people judging them, seeing them as a conquest, being intimidated by them or reacting with jealousy to them and this takes an emotional toll. They’re never sure of how someone really feels about them and they wonder if the person is being nice to them just because they’re beautiful. They second-guess a potential partner’s actions and it takes them longer to form a bond with them which means some relationships never get fully started because passion fades too quickly.

7) They feel like they need to date their equal

Most of the people who are confident enough to ask out attractive people are ones who consider themselves to be equal with them in the looks department. This makes people used to thinking that attractive people only date other attractive people and beautiful people adopt this kind of thinking as well. They feel like they need to date someone who is their equal and that people will think there’s something wrong with them if they date someone who is below their league. This means they won’t date someone that they like because they’re afraid of other people’s judgement and they can be missing out on dating someone who would make a great life partner.

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