7 Reasons why younger men like older women as their partner

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dating older women Older women can easily attract younger men despite the age difference because they have qualities that younger women haven’t developed yet. This shows in the way they act and think which gets them noticed by others. Guys talk to each other, especially if they’ve been with someone who’s more experienced because they want to show off to their friends. This also lets the others know how great it can be to dating a type of woman they hadn’t considered before. They like the idea of being with someone who doesn’t play games, knows what she wants and is drama free. These are a few of the reasons why older women are irresistible to younger men but there’s so much more to her than just that.

1) Older women don’t play games

Young men are used to women their age who play games because they like the drama and excitement. They think that’s how they’re supposed to act and don’t think about the impact it has on the relationship. This gets tiring to put up with and young men want someone who knows playing games is a waste of time and won’t do this to them. They want someone who’s responsible and acts their age. Older women are like this which makes them attractive to these men and are seen as a better choice for a partner. They’re upfront about their feelings and won’t waste time because they know what they want. This is a level of maturity that’s new and refreshing which makes her more noticeable. Being with a woman who doesn’t play games is a healthier dating experience and men feel more secure because they know what to expect and can trust her to be honest with them.

2) They’re experienced

She’s sexy and knows all the right moves to make it enjoyable for both of them. There isn’t the shyness or nervousness that inexperienced women have and they aren’t as awkward when it comes to telling their partner what they want. She’s confident in who she is and knows her body shows her age so she isn’t going to bother covering it up. She’s proud of her body and understands the importance of sexual health. She knows how she can be pleased and is willing to learn what he likes which makes sex feel more fulfilling. It isn’t like the sex the young men are used to and when they can see the difference they realize than an experienced woman is better at giving them what they want.

3) They can take care of themselves

Men are used to being the ones who take the lead in the relationship and feel like they need to look after the woman they’re dating. This view changes with age because the dynamics in the relationship are different. When they’re with older women they’re no longer in that position because she has had longer to learn how to take care of herself. She’s not looking for a man to look after her or to always be there for her because she’s gone through breaks ups or even a divorce. She knows she has to rely on herself because the man she’s with won’t stick around and this independence is now a part of her. This makes it feel like a more balanced relationship and it’s easier to act as a couple because of the sense of equality.

4) They’re not looking to settle down

Young men don’t want to settle down, they have their whole life ahead of them so they’re not thinking about marriage or children. They want to have fun but younger women are thinking about these things. Older women are less likely to settle down because they’ve already done that, they see this time of being semi-single as a way of having time to themselves. Just because they’re dating someone it doesn’t mean they see themselves as being in a serious relationship and are just enjoying the moment. They’re not pressuring these men to commit to them and at this age they either have children already or have decided they don’t want them. It’s less stress being with older women because there’s no major expectations for the future.

5) Older women have more stability

Stability is an attractive quality and is one of the reasons why younger men are drawn to older women. Once a woman reaches a certain age she usually has a career, a clear idea of her future and some knowledge of finances. She knows how to deal with a variety of situations and doesn’t overreact when something doesn’t go as planned. Dating her is easier and more peaceful because she’s not freaking out over minor issues and deals with them without involving her boyfriend. She’s able to see all sides of a situation and is willing to work through relationship problems instead of blaming him or acting childish by giving him the silent treatment. She’s an adult and acts like it because older women value stability and understand it’s an important aspect to have in life.

6) Things are more fun in the bedroom

having great sex
Older women are more fun in the bedroom because they have more sexual experience. She knows how great sex can be and is open minded when it comes to trying something new. She’s not afraid to share her fantasies because she knows this is the only way she’ll have the chance to bring them to life and wants to see what else she can experience. She knows sex is important in a relationship and that men usually have a stronger sex drive so younger men don’t need to be shy about their needs. She wants a hot young guy to push sexual boundaries with and is going to make the most of this opportunity.

7) They know what they want

Dating someone who knows what they want is a good experience because there’s less drama, less confusion and more confidence. Older women know what kind of relationship they want and will only seek out men who are looking for the same thing. Young men know she’s with them because she wants to be and is confident enough to not be bothered by the age difference. She tells him how she sees the relationship going, what she expects from a partner and is willing to hear what he wants to. She’s able to compromise so that both of them can get what they want.

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