7 Signs your online match dating is a keeper

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Online match keeperDating sites like Victoria Milan have thousands of people using them at any giving time and this makes it hard for you to narrow down your search and find someone who’s a good match for you. When it happens you need to make sure they’re a keeper and you’re not rushing into a relationship just because you’re blinded by lust. It’s hard to know for sure they’re a keeper until you’ve met in person but there are some signs that can be used as a good indicator for how much potential there is. You have to listen to your mind as well as your heart to get an honest idea of whether or not you’ve gotten lucky and have found your better half.

1) You talk as often as you can

Talking to them as often as you can means they might be a keeper since you find them mentally stimulating and you want to talk to them about anything because you enjoy interacting with them. You look forward to hearing from them and talk in a variety of ways, from messaging on dating sties to texting and going on cam. There’s never an awkward silence and you laugh a lot because it’s fun and your adrenaline is pumping. You feel comfortable talking to them and nothing is off limits. There’s a chemistry between the two of you and if this excitement doesn’t quickly fade then there’s a good chance that a long-term relationship would work because you like spending time together. You also have no interest talking to other people on dating sites because you know it’s a waste of time and you’re not going to like anyone as much as you like this person.

2) You share a lot of common interests

having the same hobbies
When you want to know if someone is a keeper than you need to see how well you’d get along and to do that you need to have similar goals and common interests. If you have nothing in common with them then you’re going to get bored quickly and struggle to find things to talk about and have difficulty deciding what to do on a first date. By having a lot of common interests you feel a connection with them because they’re similar to you, you understand the things they’re passionate about and it’s easy to make plans for when you do meet in person. Common interests like having the same hobbies, volunteering with local charities or playing group sports can keep things fun and can be a way for you to spend time together once you do meet before committing to a more serious relationship.

3) You can’t stop thinking about them

When deep down you know the other person is a keeper but are too scared to admit it then your true feelings will still show up in obvious ways. You can’t stop thinking about them and are distracted when you’re working, relaxing at home or out running errands. You wonder what they’re doing right at this moment, you’re thinking about when you can talk to them again and you fantasize about going on dates with them. There’s a million things you want to say to them and as you do your daily activities you imagine what it would be like if they were doing them with you. It’s almost like a painful ache as you wish you could see them and you want them to be a more important part of your life. You know they’re a keeper and it’s just a matter of time before things become more serious between the two of you.

4) They make you feel happy

When you’re in a long-term relationship with someone it should be a person who makes your life better by being supportive and making you feel happy. They’re a positive influence on you and this is a big personality trait you want in someone who’s a keeper so think about how they make you feel. If you get along great and you don’t hide things because you’re afraid of what they’ll say then it shows you trust them. The way you feel is only going to get stronger once you’re in a long-term relationship with them because you’re seeing each other every day and interacting more intimately so you should only date them if you feel confident that this is the real deal.

5) You’re dying to meet them

You know your match is a keeper when you’re dying to meet them and want it to happen as soon as possible. You just know that the first date is going to be great and they’re as enthusiastic about it as you are. You have fun talking about when you can meet in person and you have so many ideas of what to do that you have multiple dates planned in advance. Neither of you are delaying meeting and it happens soon after connection online. You’re full of anticipation and after you’ve arranged the first date you eagerly count down the days until it happens. You already think of them as a partner and you don’t have any worries about something going wrong because you know all of your expectations will be met.

6) You’re comfortable sharing personal things

Someone is a keeper when you trust them and can see a future with them. Sharing personal things like goals you hope to accomplish, where you work, your plans for the future, past mistakes and other similar topics can be difficult to do but when you’re talking to someone who’s a keeper this feels comfortable to you. You know they won’t judge you, that they’ll keep your secrets to themselves and they won’t throw the negative things back in your face. They feel safe sharing personal things about themselves with you too and many of your conversations are long and meaningful. You feel like you know whom they really are and you don’t feel guarded when they ask questions about you.

7) You can imagine a long-term relationship with them

A lot of the time people use dating sites because they want a hookup or a casual relationship and don’t consider that it could be something more than that. If you joined looking for a short-term relationship but are willing to consider a long-term relationship because this person is special than it’s a sign that you need to take things seriously so you don’t mess it up. This person is a keeper because you’re already so infatuated with them that you can see yourself dating them and having them be a major part of your life in the near future.

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