7 Signs She’s Just Not That Into You

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Hookup SitesOne of the most difficult things about adult hookups is knowing whether or not the other person really is interested in you. Here are 7 signs she’s not interested and you need to find someone else:

1) She Ignores Your Messages
If you’ve sent her a couple of messages and she hasn’t replied back then it’s obvious she isn’t interested in you. She may be busy with work so allow her some time to respond but if you get silence for more than two days then it’s safe to say you won’t be hearing from her.

2) She Delays Meeting You
If she keeps putting off meeting you then she’s probably trying to gently tell you she doesn’t want to meet. This is easier for her to do than coming out and saying she doesn’t like you so take the hint and move on.

3) She Uses Words Like “Friends” or “Hanging Out”
If she refers to you being friends then she’s subtly letting you know that she sees you as nothing more than a friend and doesn’t want to hoop with you. The same goes for the phrase “hanging out”. Women never use this with someone they’re sexually interested in because it seems vague and keeps things in neutral territory.
If she did want a hookup then she’d say something specific like “Let’s go to your place.”.

4) She Shows An Interest In Other Men
If she talks about other men then it shows she’s noticing them and doesn’t care if you know it. The only reason she’s paying attention to other men is because they have something she wants and she’s going to go after it as soon as she can.

Hanging Out5) She Doesn’t Give You Enough Attention
If she cuts off a conversation the two of you are having or isn’t giving you her full attention so she can talk to someone else or play on her phone then she has zero interest in you. She finds you boring and is looking for something else to occupy her which means she’s already mentally moved on from you.

6) She Doesn’t Try To Get To Know
If she doesn’t ask about your hobbies, movies you like or what you do for a living then she’s probably not going to hookup with you. Women like to feel a connection with the men they hookup with and getting to know someone is how they make that connection. If she keeps you at a distance it’s because she doesn’t see you as someone she wants to know.

7) She Doesn’t Try To Look Her Best
If she doesn’t make an effort to look good for you it’s because she doesn’t have a reason to. Women love dressing up and making themselves look sexy for their man. It’s one of the ways they show that they like you and want you to be attracted to them. If she does the bare minimum to look good then it’s because she thinks you’re not worth the time or effort.
Next time you’re browsing hookup sites and think you’ve found the right woman for you check and see if she feels the same. Read the signs we’ve given you and see if they apply to her. If they do then sorry, but she’s just not that into you.

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