7 Weird signs you’re divorce-proof

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Divorce Proof
Marriage comes easily to some people and they know they’ll never go through a divorce but there are also those who have the skills to make a marriage work and they just need to realize it so they can keep their marriage going strong. To avoid divorce you need to understand what goes into healthy relationships, the importance of love, sex, and being willing to work through problems. If you’re wondering whether or not you’re divorce-proof here are a few weird signs you can look for in your personality and behavior.

1) You’ve never seriously thought about marriage before

People are less likely to get a divorce if they take marriage seriously and don’t rush into relationships. If you’re the type of person who never seriously thought about marriage until you met your current partner then it’s a good sign that your marriage to them will last. You understand that it’s a big commitment and aren’t willing to get married just because it seems like that’s what you’re supposed to do or because your parents or girlfriend are pressuring you. You listen to how you truly feel without being influenced by others and let your inner voice guide your decisions. When you get married you want to know it’s with the right person and you’re not willing to compromise on that so you accept that you may never get married.

2) You naturally know what healthy relationships consist of

Healthy Relationships
People who get divorce usually aren’t in healthy relationships which causes them to fight, grow apart or have major problems that they can’t resolve. Your chances of going through a divorce decrease dramatically if you know what healthy relationships consist of and incorporate those ideals into your marriage. You’ll have a natural inclination towards healthy relationships if you are willing to compromise, believe in open communication, take your partner’s feelings into consideration, deal with problems when they occur instead of ignoring them, are supportive of your partner and make an effort to keep things going smoothly between the two of you. This keeps the feeling of love strong between the two of you and you can make your marriage be a long lasting one.

3) Your wedding was low key

Having a big wedding will add financial stress to your marriage, there are so many people attending that it doesn’t feel intimate and there’s also a sense that the bride is going out all because she wants to prove how much the two of you are in love. If you’re the type who wants a small, inexpensive wedding then it means you understand the real meaning of marriage. You know it doesn’t matter how much money is spent or how many people are there and that the only important thing is that you’re marrying the person you love in front of the people who you care about the most.

4) You make an effort at having an active sex life and exploring kinky sex

Having Kinky Sex
Having an active sex life is important to most marriages and a lot of people end up getting a divorce after cheating with someone to get their sexual needs meet or who feel like their partner is no longer attracted to them. If you make an effort at keeping your sex life active with your spouse and are spontaneous in the bedroom they’ll still feel desired by you. It’s also important to be supportive of your partner’s fantasies as well as yours so that both of you feel fulfilled and don’t need to look elsewhere to get what you want. Exploring fantasies and kinky sex can bring you closer together because you’re trusting each other with something very personal and you don’t feel like you’re denying the sexual part of yourself.

5) You see mistakes other couples make

Being able to see the mistakes that other couples make and what led to their divorce can help you avoid following the same path. They’re accidentally giving you a guide on what not to do and if you pay attention you can absorb a lot of information. If you look at your friends who are divorced and know exactly where they went wrong you’ll share it with your partner and tell them that you don’t want things to be like that between the two of you. You can share your concerns with them so that you can work together on building a stronger marriage and when you notice yourself showing traits that your divorced friends exhibited then you make an effort to stop and change what you’re doing.

6) You know how important communication is

Good Communication
Communication is key to all relationships because without it you’re going to fight more often and be unable to understand where your partner is coming from. People who don’t work on their communication skills will always get a divorce but if you know how important it is then you can stop your marriage from heading towards a divorce. Communication skills like listening to what your partner says and understanding what they mean, being honest with each other, trying to see things from your partner’s point of view and clearly expressing how you think and feel will make a big difference in your marriage. You and your spouse will understand each other and feel emotionally close and you’ll know that when a problem occurs you have the communication skills to effectively deal with it.

7) You stay focused on love and respect

Love and respect is something that’s missing in relationships when it’s to the point of getting a divorce but you won’t have to worry about that if you stay focused on those two things. A divorce-proof type of person will always remember why they love their spouse and that mistakes or issues don’t change whom they married. Their feelings have been momentarily hurt but it’s possible to work through it and get back to the way things were before. They’ll also show their spouse respect by treating them as an equal, talking to them about big decisions and listen or be supportive when they need that. A marriage built on love and respect won’t face a divorce because the foundation is strong and you’ll be willing to work on keeping it that way.

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