7 Smart ways to eliminate your fear of rejection to approach women

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Fear Of Rejection
The fear of rejection can be overwhelming and can take an emotional and mental toll while also making you avoid certain situations. This tends to flare up in men when they approach women because they don’t want it to go badly and their nervousness gives them a bigger chance of being rejected since women like men who are confident. If you’re struggling with this there are some smart ways to get rid of this fear which will improve your dating life and make it easier for you to approach women.

1) Don’t focus on the end goal

Focusing on the end goal of arranging a date can cause your fear of rejection to bubble up because you desperately want one thing and you know how badly it’s going to affect you if you don’t get a date. It’s better to take a step by step when you approach women, from introducing yourself to her then seeing if there’s a connection then making a date. This forces you to pay attention and stay in the moment so you don’t have time to worry about rejection. You’re going to have a better chance of hooking up because there’s no pressure making you fidget or stumble over your words. Meeting women becomes a manageable and normal event and it’s easier for you to go with the flow.

2) Take a class

If you have a general fear of rejection you can take a public speaking class to build your confidence and meet women in a neutral place so you can get used to interacting with them. If your problem is specifically with how to approach women you can take a dating class to learn more successful techniques at making a good impression and knowing the right things to say. These classes are going to make you feel more confident and prepared so you won’t be worried about rejection.

3) Seek out flirty women

Flirty Women
The type of woman you approach can determine how nervous you are because different personalities make you have different worries. A woman who is reserved is more likely to cause you to worry about rejection because it’s harder for you to figure out if she likes you or not and a woman who’s assertive or aggressive will be blunt about how she feels and if she does turn you down it’s going to be a rough experience for you. It’s better to check out flirty women because they’re not shy and make it clear they’re attracted to you while also being the ones who tend to take control of what’s going on. Knowing there’s mutual attraction means it’s easier to introduce yourself and you don’t have to wonder if they’re interested in going out with you. With flirty women all you have to do is go with the moment and see what happens.

4) Change your mindset

Your mindset has a lot to do with your fear of rejection because it’s about how you think and feel. A lack of confidence and filling your head with negative thoughts is going to make you think you’re not good enough and will be rejected when you approach women. You have to change your mindset so that you are more confident and make a better first impression. Think about your good qualities and tell yourself that if you do get rejected that it isn’t personal, she just doesn’t feel a connection with you. When you see someone you want to get to know better take a deep breath, stand up straight and tell yourself that you’re a great guy then approach her.

5) Use more successful approaches

The way you approach women plays a big role in whether or not you’re rejected so you need to hone your skills. You’re not going to be successful if you go up to a woman when you’re fidgeting and can’t talk to her. Being shy or nervous isn’t going to make a good impression so approach women with confidence, even if you don’t truly feel it you can fake it and smile while making eye contact. You should also have a couple of pick up lines and conversation topics in mind so you have something to talk about. You won’t worry about rejection when you know what approaches work with women because more women are going to say “Yes.” to you and your dating life is going to be busy.

6) Approach women with an open-mind

The crushing blow of rejection is going to hit you harder when you pin all your hopes on one woman because you’ve let your crush get out of hand and she turns you down. You should keep an open-mind with women and accept that it may not go as well as you’d like. There are lots of single flirty women in the world and it’s just a matter of time before you meet one who’s right for you. You’re also going to avoid getting in bad dating situations by keeping an open-mind because the woman you’re crazy may turn out to be different than you were expecting and it’s easier to break things off quickly if you’re not determined to date her. You’re not going to fear rejection when you remember that you have lots of other opportunities to meet women and can have fun going out to bars or clubs or joining date sites for casual encounters.

7) See it as a learning experience

Rejection happens to everybody and when it happens to you it’s a good idea to figure out what went wrong. Sometimes there’s no connection or she’s already dating someone else and that can’t be changed but other things could have gone differently. It could the way you introduced yourself, your inability to have an interesting conversation or a difficulty in making plans for a date. Think about all of the times you’ve been rejected and find the things you can change for the next time you meet someone. By not repeating past mistakes you’re going to learn what works for you and end up with a smoother technique. You’re also going to learn that rejection isn’t as big of a deal as you think and that you can move on from it.

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