7 Things you should never say to a naked woman

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Naked Woman
When you’re with a naked woman you need to say the right things to keep her sex drive high and make the night a great one otherwise things are going to cool down in the bedroom. You want to keep the sex drive strong between the two of you so you need to learn what things you should never say to a naked woman and keep things fun in the bedroom.

1) “Wow, you’re hotter than my ex.”

Women can be insecure in a relationship, especially if they suspect that their partner isn’t over their ex, and they’ll compare themselves to the ex. They worry that they’re not as attractive and that you’ll be fantasizing about your ex while you’re having sex with them. You should never bring up your ex in the bedroom and don’t tell your current partner that’s she more attractive because she’ll wonder if you’re serious or if you’re just saying that because you’re excited to have a new naked woman to have sex with. She’ll spend the rest of the night thinking about your ex and that’s going to kill her sex life. You can tell her how hot she is but make it all about her and how she makes you feel so she feels desired and loved.

2) “Is that how you always have your pubic hair?”

Pubic Hair
How you deal with your pubic hair is a very personal decision and a lot of women base their decisions on what they think their partner wants. When you’re with a naked woman you should never draw attention to her body hair because she’s already feeling shy and nervous about being naked in front of you. If you ask her if that’s how she always has her pubic area she’s going to feel self-conscious and she’ll wonder if you think she’s gross or slutty which isn’t going to arouse her. If you want her to shave or keep it trimmed then wait until you’re relaxing in bed then casually suggest that you think it might be sexier if she tried a new look for her pubic hair.

3) “I’m so hard right now.”

Sex is an experience shared between two people so when you’re with a naked woman you shouldn’t make it about you which is what will happen if you brag about how hard you are. If you say that she’ll think you’re only having sex with her because you want to get laid and you don’t care about having a special moment with her which will put a stop to her sex drive. She knows you’re turned on and that you want sex so you don’t need to tell her that. Instead, you should tell her that she’s sexy and driving you crazy so she feels like you’re attracted to her.

4) “You look sexier than I thought you did.”

Looking sexier
When you’re with a naked woman you might think it’s a good idea to compliment her on her body so she’ll be more eager about sex but you need to be careful about what you say to her. Don’t try to flatter her by telling her that she looks even sexier than you were expecting because that’s not a compliment to her. She’s going to wonder how bad she normally looks to you and why you’re surprised that she’s actually attractive when she’s naked. This blow to her self-confidence is going to lower her desire for sex and she’s either going to come up with an excuse to not have sex with you or she’s not going to enjoy sex as much as she normally would. You can tell her that she looks sexy but keep it short and simple so she knows you’re turned on by her but don’t act surprised by it.

5) “Let’s try something different.”

It’s normal for couples to try something different in the bedroom to spice things up but this is something you should talk about before or after sex. If you bring it up shortly after sex has been initiated then she’s going to think that it has something to do with how she looks or acts in bed. A naked woman doesn’t want to think that she’s not enough to get your sex drive going so be tactful about when you bring up experimenting with positions or sex toys. You should bring it up casually and make her part of the conversation instead of suddenly making a suggestion or telling her what you want. This way she feels like it’s about bringing you closer as a couple instead of you being bored of her.

6) “I love curvy women.”

Sexy curvy woman
It’s common now for people to use the word curvy to describe women who are a bit on the heavy side and it’s a word that a naked woman rarely wants to hear. Some women pride themselves on being curvy but others see it as a polite way of saying fat so you need to be careful if you don’t know how she feels about that word. When you have naked woman in front of you it’s best to keep compliments vague until you know them well enough to know what will offend them and what they’ll find flattering. Tell her she looks beautiful or sexy or that you can’t wait to be with her.

7) “I’m not going to last long with you.”

A lot of men think it’s a compliment to tell a naked woman that she’s driving him crazy and that he won’t be able to last long with her but she’s not going to like hearing this at all. It makes her think you’re not good in bed and makes her feel like you don’t care about her and are only thinking about sex. A naked woman wants passion and quality sex for both of you so don’t ruin her excitement by telling her that it’s going to end quickly because you can’t control yourself. You shouldn’t give sex a time line and instead tell her that you’re looking forward to spending the night with her.

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