7 Ways to give a woman multiple orgasms

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Multiple Orgasms
One of the best things about being a woman is the ability to have multiple orgasms but a lot of men don’t have the patience to take the time necessary for her to experience this. She could end up feeling sexually frustrated by this or not knowing how far her sexual boundaries can be pushed. If you want to give a woman multiple orgasms and show her how amazing sex can be then you have to use seduction, work her erogenous zones and find out how to drive her crazy.

1) Spend time on seduction and foreplay

To have multiple orgasms your sexual arousal needs to be high so your body can respond to the slightest touch which means you have to give your woman enough time to get to that point. You can build her anticipation by spending time on seduction and foreplay so her sexual arousal can slowly get stronger. Seduction techniques that you can start with is a massage to help her relax or sensual kissing to get the excitement going. When she’s starting to get turned on you can move to foreplay where you kiss and touch her everywhere except for where she wants you the most. When she can’t take it anymore you can make love to her and she’ll be so aroused that it will be easier for her to have multiple orgasms as long as you keep taking your time with her.

2) Work her erogenous zones

Erogenous Zones
Working her erogenous zones can help give her multiple orgasms because you’re touching her where she’s most sensitive and when they’re stimulated enough the slightest touch can make her lose control. You should touch her erogenous zones throughout the sexual encounter, starting with foreplay then continuing during sex and even when she’s having an orgasm to help it last longer. The sensitivity of erogenous zones are different for everyone but some common areas are the lips, neck, breasts, inner thighs and clit. The best way to stimulate her erogenous zones is by finding out which ones turn her on the most then increase their sensitivity by lightly touching them again and again. When she’s ready you can make love to her to keep the sweet sensation going or take her more roughly and make her orgasm hard and fast if she’s into the kinkier stuff.

3) Keep her on edge

Keeping a woman on the edge sexually can lead to her having multiple orgasms because her body is tense and on the verge of losing control. You can keep her on edge by paying attention to how she responds during sex and when she’s about to have an orgasm you can slow things down so she doesn’t have one. This will make her desperate for one and her sensitivity will heighten even more as you keep having sex with her. Gradually build up speed again and push her over the edge because she’ll be so worked up that it’ll be easier for her to achieve multiple orgasms. After her first orgasm slow down a bit then speed up so she can have another one which she won’t be expecting and she’ll be able to enjoy it if they happen right after each other.

4) Use seduction between multiple orgasms

Use Seduction
The clit is very sensitive after an orgasm and it’ll be uncomfortable or painful for her to have another one soon after if they don’t happen close together so you can use seduction to give her time to be ready for another one. If you usually finish sex after the first orgasm then she’ll be pleasantly surprised that things aren’t over and she’ll be dying to see what you do next. After her first orgasm you can take things in a sensual direction by kissing and touching her erogenous zones so she stays aroused but avoid her genitals. Take things slowly then build her up again, making your kisses and touches more passionate, then start focusing on her genitals. If you do this a couple of times she could have multiple orgasms and end the night beyond satisfied.

5) Try a new sex position

Some sex positions can help her have multiple orgasms because of the way you’re moving inside of her and stimulating her g-spot. Doggy style is a good position to try because of the angle you’re entering her from provides more direct contact with her g-spot and you can hold her around the waist as you make her orgasm again and again. Cowgirl is another position you can try because it lets her control the movement and do what feels best for her while you stroke her clit to help her orgasm. She’ll be excited from trying a new position which will increase her arousal and doing a position known for helping women achieve orgasm will give her a higher chance of multiple orgasms.

6) Do all the things she likes

All things She likes
Everyone has something that drives them crazy in the bedroom so make a mental note of what your partner enjoys and make sex all about their desires. Do all of the things they like to get them turned on and ask them if there’s anything they’d like you to do because you want to make their fantasies come true. Telling them that you want to make it special will affect their emotions and make them feel more connected to you which will help sex feel more satisfying. She’ll love having it be all about her and she won’t want you to stop so you’ll have plenty of time to give her what she wants, including multiple orgasms.

7) Use toys as well as touch

Using sex toys can help a woman have multiple orgasms in two ways: they can target a specific area like her g-spot and they can arouse her while your using your hands to drive her crazy. You can use a vibrator or clit stimulator on her g-spot and make her orgasm multiple times while you hold it in place and watch her lose her mind. You could also use them on her or let her play with them while you work her other erogenous zones with your hands or mouth. The sensation of the toy and you combined will overwhelm her senses and she’ll be so on edge that multiple orgasms will happen more naturally.

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