Decoding female body language: 8 Signs of attraction

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decoding female body language Body language can tell you a lot about how a woman feels about you because it’s harder to control and she does things she’s not aware of. It can be hard to tell the difference between nervousness and indifference, which is why you need to look at multiple gestures that she does. She may make eye contact but stand away from you, which is a mixed signal, but if she makes eye contact and stands close to you then it means a completely different thing. Knowing what different gestures mean can give you an idea of what to look for and be more confident about her sexual attraction towards you so that you be comfortable asking her out.

1) Intense eye contact

When you’re talking to her in person you can pay attention to how often she makes eye contact with you because this lets you know if she’s interested in you or if she’s bored and looking for the exit. This makes it easy to tell if she wants you or not because all you have to do is look at her eyes. When there’s attraction, she’s going to be making constant eye contact with you because she’s listening closely to what you have to say and is feeling drawn towards you. It’s going to have an intense feeling and you’re going to sense excitement and passion coming from her because the sexual attraction is building in her.

2) Blushing and heavier breathing

Body language can be a physical responses that you aren’t aware of so look for these when you’re talking to her because she won’t know she’s doing it. When you feel sexual attraction it’s normal to blush and isn’t something you can control so this is a big sign to look out for. She’s nervous around you because she’s trying to hide her desire while hoping you notice her and ask her out, which intensifies how much she’s blushing. As this gets worse her breathing changes and she’s going to start breathing heavier because her heart is racing. This gives her tone of voice a more sensual sound that goes nicely with her passion flushed cheeks.

3) Licking or biting lips

Body language like licking or biting lips can be intentional or not but either way it’s a sign she’s attracted to you. When it’s intentional, she’s going to slowly lick her lips or nibble on her bottom lip and will do it throughout your conversation. She does this because she’s trying to make you feel sexual attraction towards her by putting naughty thoughts in your head and she’s making it clear she wants you. She may also lick or bite her lips unintentionally because she’s nervous and is trying to control her feelings for you so she doesn’t say or do anything silly. It’s a tic that helps her try to stay in control but there’s also a sexual undertone because she knows she feel sexual attraction for you.
4) Leaning close to you

If you’re with a group of people she’ll be standing as close as she can to you and will lean close when you’re talking to make it seem like she’s really interested in what you have to say. She’s using this type of body language in two ways: to make you only focus on her and she’s trying to make sure no other women can approach you. Leaning close to you is also something she may do intentionally so she can use other body language gestures, like touching your arm or letting you get a hint of her perfume.

5) Standing straighter

Some forms of body language are done on purpose because the person wants to send a message without saying it out loud. A woman may do this when she’s trying to convey sexual attraction by standing straighter because it makes her look more confident and the position will make her chest stick out more. She wants you to notice her confidence because it’s a sexy personality trait and she’s showing off her body so that you can see her in a sexual way. She knows this is a way to get a man’s attention and it’s going to make her stand out from the other women who are slouching because they’re shy or nervous.

6) Hand on hip

sexual body language
Another body language ploy she may use is standing straight while placing a hand on her hip. This lets her show off her body without being too suggestive and it draws your eyes down her body because you’ll naturally look down to her hand when she moves it to her hip. When her hand’s on her hip her fingers will probably be splayed and pointing towards the genital region, which also increases the amount of sexual thoughts, you have about her. Putting her hand on her hip also makes her stance change and it pulls her shoulders back which makes her breasts jut out more. It’s a small change in posture but it’s full of sexual body language.

7) Smiling and laughing

When there’s sexual attraction she’s wants to set the right mood so that you see her as a great person to be around and will want to see more of her. One way to lighten the mood is by using body language and physically being fun and happy so there’s going to be a change in her behavior. She’s going to be upbeat and focused when she’s with you and will be smiling a lot as well as being playful and laughing at little jokes or comments you make. She wants this to be a positive moment so that you enjoy it and she’s hoping her good mood rubs off on you.

8) Small touches

If she’s interested in you then she may use body language throughout the time she spends with you instead of having it be one small moment that you miss. Small touches can help her be in physical contact with you while not being sexually aggressive and make it seem innocent so that you aren’t put off by her being too forward. When you’re talking she may put her hand on your arm or she may “accidentally” brush against you knowing that you’ll feel her body rub on yours. She wants to touch you but this is the best she can do until you ask her out and it becomes acceptable for things to go further.

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