8 Misconceptions men still have when dating women

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Misconceptions men still have when datingMisconceptions can be damaging because it makes people have unrealistic expectations and they end up being disappointed or frustrated. When it comes to dating women some misconceptions men still hold can help make sure they make a wrong first impression and never have a long lasting relationship. All women aren’t the same and things that were true years ago or what’s shown in movies aren’t necessarily how things are now. Men need to realize this, let these misconceptions go and be more open-minded if they want to be dating women in a healthy way.

1) Women are too focused on their own attractivenessz

A lot of advertising and media show women being hyper focused on their own attractiveness and only care about getting their hair and nails done, knowing all of the latest makeup news and following fashion trends. When men are dating women they think conversations will revolve around these topics and it makes them judge women as being superficial before getting to know them. A lot of women do enjoy making themselves look attractive but they also have many other interests and it’s insulting when men act surprised when they bring up unrelated topics. It’s better to to talk about a variety of subjects to find out which ones she’s interested in than just assuming she wants to talk about “girly” things.

2) Dating women must lead to marriage

Many men assume that when they’re dating women it’s only a matter of time before she starts dropping hints about getting married or having children but those ideas are becoming outdated. Some women do want to get married and have children fairly quickly but there are also lots of women who don’t want to get married at all and women who either don’t want to have children or wait until they’re older before having them. If you’re serious, about being in a relationship with her then discuss it with her to see how she feels about it because you may want different things and need to decide if this relationship is worth pursuing.

3) They love bad boys

Bad boys can be fun to date but these are usually short term relationships and is a phase most women grow out of as they get older. Men don’t realize the bad boy routine gets stale over time and when they’re dating women they still put on a tough attitude. There are only two types of women you can get with this behavior: the kind who are looking for a thrill and break up after a month after their sexual desire has been satisfied and the women who are looking for a man to help them live out a fantasy and who makes their friends jealous. If you want to be dating women long term then you need to be yourself and stop worrying about becoming who you think they want you to be.

4) Men need to be strong and in control

There’s an idea that women want to be looked after and their ideal man is always strong and in control but men don’t realize that this is a misconception that can make them seem like a bad person to date if they try to live up to it. When you’re dating women you need to be confident because that’s an attractive trait but if that’s your main quality you risk going overboard with it and coming across as aggressive. Women want a man who knows it’s okay to be gentle or vulnerable sometimes and who is willing to let a woman be in charge during appropriate times because she may be better at dealing with certain situations. Relationships are about equality and women want a man who is mature and confident enough to know that he doesn’t always have to deal with everything by himself.

5) They don’t have sex on the first date

When men are dating women they tend to think that nothing sexual will happen on the first date and if it does then the woman is easy. Men are hoping for at least a kiss or even sex but don’t expect women to feel the same way. This is a misconception because some women believe there’s no problem giving into sexual desire and it doesn’t lessen them as a person. The amount of sexual activity women want one a first date varies by person but with a more open sense of sexual freedom happening these days so women do want sex on the first date or at least a passionate kiss.

6) Women aren’t interested in sex

Women love to have sex
The truth is that women want sex as much as men do but they tend to need to feel a connection first and it takes them longer to become aroused. Men think this means they aren’t interested in it and are slow to take things to a sexual level because they don’t want to make her uncomfortable and this distance makes her think he doesn’t have sexual desire for her. You need to understand that she wants sex too and make it obvious you have sexual desire for her then wait for her to make the next move.

7) She’s always going to dress sexy for you

Some men think that when they’re dating women what they see on the first couple of dates is how she always is and don’t understand that she’s trying to make you interested in her. Her attractiveness isn’t based on always dressing sexy to turn you on, she expects you to appreciate her inner beauty as well. Sometimes she’ll dress sexy because she wants to spark sexual desire in you, sometimes she’s dressing that way to make her feel good about herself and other times she’s comfortable wearing scruffy clothes. You can’t expect her to base her decisions solely on making you happy.

8) Women following gender roles

Some men who are dating women still believe that women like to follow gender roles like wanting to get married and be a mom, wanting a man to take care of them and are interested in looking after their man. This is going to cause problems early on in the relationship because women want to be treated as equals instead of outdated ideas of how a woman should be. You can’t expect all women to be the same and fit into your idea of what a woman is and you need to either accept her for who she is or find a woman who is better suited to you.

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