8 Sexual fetishes women enjoy that men are clueless about

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sexual fetishes that women enjoy When it comes to sexual fetishes there is a divide between the sexes because there are some things that drive women crazy but men are clueless about it. They have an idea of what women may be into and don’t realize that women like different aspects of it so they only focus on what they enjoy and assume that their girlfriend likes it too. Both of you may enjoy pegging but you probably like it for the effect it has on your prostate while she probably likes how it feels to physically fuck a man for a change. These differences in perception are going to affect your sex life until you learn the side of sexual fetishes that women enjoy and help her explore them in ways that are pleasurable for both of you.

1) A random sexual encounter

Having a random sexual encounter is exciting and is something that both sexes enjoy but women are less open about engaging in this kind of activity due to societal expectations. This makes men think that women are less likely to be interested in this kind of activity but the reality is they love it just as much as men do and seek it out nearly as often, they’re just more discreet about it. Women love the rush they get from a random sexual encounter because they know they’re doing something they shouldn’t plus they get their sexual needs met without having to deal with commitment.

2) Sex domination

One of the main parts of sexual fetishes is engaging in your darkest fantasies and briefly making them a reality. Women tend to be submissive during a sexual encounter because they’re taught to let the man be in control otherwise it makes them look easy and good girls don’t act that way. This is why many women enjoy sexual fetishes where they get to experience a role reversal and do activities that makes them feel naughty. Women like exploring sex domination because it gives them a feeling of kinkiness and power which gives them a strong sexual rush. They love scenarios where their man is obedient and willing to do what they want and this usually happens with role-playing and BDSM activities like bondage and spanking.

3) Voyeurism

Women like activities that are mentally stimulating and it turns them on knowing they’re being watched during sex. It makes them feel exposed and vulnerable but also sexy and exciting which heightens their arousal. Watching another couple have a sexual encounter can also be mentally stimulating because it’s like watching porn but in person, which makes it easier for them to use their imagination and join the couple without actually doing anything.

4) Submission

some women enjoy submission
Exploring sexual fetishes forces you out of your comfort zone and give in to your desires, which is why women enjoy submission so much. It lets them willingly be submissive to a man without being judged and they get satisfaction from knowing that they’re helping their partner live out his fantasies of sex domination. They know these kinky acts are done out of love and in a safe space and this sense of freedom is what brings them the most pleasure where as men focus more on the kinkiness of the sex act. When couples engage in sexual fetishes that require a lot of trust it brings them closer together and women like feeling this stronger sense of connection with her partner.

5) Public sex

Sexual fetishes aren’t always confined to a bedroom and can be done in a variety of different places as long as there’s a certain level of privacy. Women enjoy public sex because it’s a change from their usual routine of having sex in a bed and there’s a chance of being caught by a stranger. This gives them strong sensations of excitement and fear, which makes sex more intense and passionate. It’s more than just a quick sexual encounter to them, it’s an experience they don’t have very often and they crave the strong feelings they get from it because it makes sex more memorable.

6) Group sex

One of the main feelings people get when acting out their sexual fetishes is a strong sense of excitement and taboo which is why they’re so personal and kept secret until people find someone they trust to share it with. It’s hard to get to that level of comfort and trust which is why sexual fetishes like group sex are difficult for women to achieve. They fantasize about it but they’re less likely to engage in it than other more acceptable sexual fetishes, which makes them want it even more, and when they do get it, it has a stronger sense of fulfillment. Group sex lets women let go of their modesty and explore their sexual boundaries with a group of like-minded people and they can do sex acts that they’d normally be too shy to ask for.

7) M/M/F threesomes

Lots of women have sexual fetishes that involve them having sex with more than one man at a time because it gives them a strong sense of being desirable and having two penises to play with is fun. There’s more sexual positions they can do and they like the naughty feeling they get from knowing that this is something they shouldn’t be doing. Having a M/M/F is highly arousing but women tend to keep this kind of sexual fetish to themselves because they don’t want to upset their partner and make them feel unloved and they also don’t want to be seen as a slut. It’s more socially acceptable for women to be bi-curious which is why when they have a threesome with their partner it’s more often with another woman instead of another man.

8) Pegging

Sexual fetishes have an aura of taboo surrounding them, which is why they’re considered fetishes and not regular sexual desires. One of the biggest taboos for men is their love of anal play because it’s seen as being un-masculine but men want it because some enjoy the feeling of humiliation they experience during it while others like the sensation they get from their prostate. Women have sexual fetishes surrounding make anal play because they like the role-reversal of being the “man” and getting a chance to fuck their partner. They like being in control and choosing how fast to go and when their partner is allowed to orgasm.

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