8 Things you didn’t know about ‘Spanking therapy’

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Spanking Therapy One area of BDSM that most people don’t know about is ‘Spanking therapy’ because it’s a niche fetish activity and the focus is usually on the act of spanking itself and not how it can be used as a tool. To some people it’s just a fun, kinky thing to do with their partner but for other people it’s a way to help improve their emotional and mental health. There are a lot of benefits to ‘Spanking therapy’ and it can be something you can try to see if it’s a BDSM activity you want to add to your sex life.

1) Spanking helps your brain release good chemicals

When spanking makes you feel good it activates the pleasure area of your brain and causes it to release good chemicals like endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin. It also increases the amount of adrenalin in your body and this helps put you in a positive mood that lasts long after your spanking session is over. This rush of endorphins lead to a sense of calm and your mental health is going to improve if you make this a regular experience. These feelings help you associate pleasure with receiving pain and you will get more enjoyment out of your next spanking because you know how good it will make you feel. This can also improve your emotional well-being because you will have something to look forward to.

2) It lets you push boundaries

Pushing boundaries in a healthy way can be beneficial for your relationship because you’re trying new things with your partner in a loving, trusting situation. You can push boundaries by being kinky and spanking is BDSM activities that can be done in a gentle way or a rough way depending on the amount of force used. By doing this with your partner you’re putting a lot of trust in them not to genuinely hurt you and this can deepen the bond between the two of you. The excitement from doing something kinky like spanking can increase the amount of sexual tension you feel and this can lead to both of you wanting to try even more BDSM activities to see what else you can enjoy as a couple.

3) It gives you a break from being in control

If you’re the type of person who is normally the one in control at work and in your personal life then it’s likely that you are overwhelmed at times by it. Spanking therapy can give you a break from being in control and give you a chance to be submissive to your partner, which is a role-reversal you may not practice in other ways. It’s very freeing to give up control because it takes pressure off of you and you know that you’re putting yourself in the hands of the person who loves you most in the world. It’s a time set aside where you don’t have to worry about anything and your partner is going to take care of everything.

4) You can temporarily forget about everything

You get caught up in the mental aspect of doing something kinky which excites you and there’s also the physical aspect of pain so it’s a fully immersed situation where you space out. It’s a break from reality and you will feel refreshed when it’s over because you’ve just had some time to yourself to indulge in a kinky desire.

5) It can help relieve stress

Stress Relieving
When there is a lot going on in your life it will take a toll on your mental health and you will constantly feel stressed. Spanking therapy can help with this because it acts as a way to relieve stress. When you’re stressed you’re full of tension and feel like you’re going to snap and you need to do something to get rid of this feeling. When you’re being spanked you’re taking a step away from real life, giving control to someone else while also doing a physical activity that brings up emotions. You’ll experience a rush of endorphins which induce happiness but you’ll also cry from pain which helps relieve stress.

6) You can be safely punished

Some people feel like they deserve to be punished, whether for past behavior they feel guilty about or as a random craving, and spanking therapy is a way they can be punished in a safe way. They want to be told, either verbally or physically, that they’ve been bad and are now repenting for what they’ve done. Before doing any BDSM activity you set boundaries and tell your partner what you want so this is a good way for people to find punishment. With spanking therapy they can trust their partner not to hurt them too much but they still get the pain they want. They get a sense of forgiveness afterwards and this makes their need for punishment quiet down for a while instead of dominating their thoughts.

7) Spanking satisfies your craving for attention

When you’re being spanked all of your partner’s attention is on you because you’re physically right in front of them and they’re focused on what they’re doing to you. It’s a reminder of how much they love you because they want to do something kinky and taboo with you, they’re doing it safely because they care about you and this moment is an intimate one that the two of you are sharing. It’s easy to feel forgotten or unloved by your partner which makes you crave their attention and spanking can be a way to get this from them.

8) You can experience healing from past trauma

Some people who have gone through trauma in the past find that it’s helpful to do BDSM activities or Spanking therapy as a way of dealing with it. With trauma it’s usually a painful experience where you had no control and felt scared and helpless. This feeling stays with you if you don’t deal with it and can take over your life. When you do Spanking therapy you’re reliving the moment but in a safe way so that you can deal with it. You’re with someone you trust, you know what’s going to happen and you know that your boundaries will be respected.

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