8 Hard truths about penis size, according to women

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Does penis size matter?The way that men and women view penis size are very different, they think about it in different ways and it affects their sex drive in different ways. Men see penis size as a sign of masculinity and see bragging about it as a good way to get attention but women tend to view it as just another part of their partner and they only spend a small amount of time thinking about it. Men tend to think that women think of penis size the same way that they do but it’s just the opposite.

1) Some women do care about penis size

A lot of women focus on their sex partner’s personality more than they do on their penis size because they want a man they can get along with and relate to. A smaller amount of women care about penis size because they get turned on by seeing a larger man and they like the way it feels inside of them. These women are known as ‘size queens’ and they will only date men who can give them what they want.

2) It’s not the first thing they notice

When a woman sees a man naked for the first time they’re not going to be paying attention to how big he is but he’s going to be worrying about what she thinks of it. She’s too busy thinking of other things, like if she’s attractive enough for him, how sex is going to go and if he’s considerate enough to consider women orgasms and not just his own. The first thing she’s going to notice is how he acts towards her and how gentle and loving he is at a special moment like this.

3) It affects sexual activities

Penis size does affect sex drive and women orgasms because some sexual activities are difficult or painful to do when a man is bigger. This makes women less eager to have sex with him because they’re afraid it’s going to hurt and they won’t consider anal sex because they know it will be physically difficult for them. A larger penis size can also make it uncomfortable for them to give oral sex so for a lot of sexual activities women prefer men who are on the smaller side.

4) They don’t see it as a sign of masculinity

Men are known for linking penis size with masculinity and thinking that the bigger they are the more of a man they are. Women think this way of thinking is silly because they know that it’s a man’s personality that is a true sign of masculinity. They want a man who is reliable, strong and confident because these are the personality traits that they think of when it comes to masculinity. This is what appeals to their sex drive and penis size is secondary to the other qualities that they desire. There are also negative stereotypes that women think of when they’re hear that a man has a large penis because they associate a man like that with being arrogant and only caring about his own sexual needs. This idea of masculinity might appeal to men but it doesn’t to women and they want a full, realistic view of who he is.

5) They’re comparing you to their ex

Comparing sizes
Women always compare their current partner to their ex and she’s going to be doing this as soon as she agrees to go out with you. From that moment on she’s comparing how you act, what you do and how you look, including how big you are and is keeping a mental list of all the similarities and differences. She’s not going to be focused on size itself but on how it feels during sex and what moves you do that her ex didn’t do. Knowing that sex is going to be different with you is exciting and is going to boost her sex drive and that’s what she’s thinking about instead of you being an inch bigger or smaller than her ex. It’s the experience she’s going to have with you that she’s looking forward to and is thinking about when she does notice your penis size.

6) Penis size is only part of women orgasm

When it comes to women orgasms penis size is only part of it and women want men to know it instead of thinking that bigger is always better. They don’t want men to assume that if they’re big and are thrusting hard and fast enough that she’s going to have an orgasm because women orgasms depend on a variety of factors. A larger penis size can help stimulate a woman but she also needs to be aroused, well lubricated, touched where she’s most sensitive and is able to easily achieve orgasm. This is why a large penis isn’t the only deciding factor in what a woman wants in a man. A woman wants a man who can combine all of these qualities into one sex session so she gets the most pleasure she can from it.

7) Length and girth need to be in proportion

When it comes to penises women care more about the length and girth being in proportion than they do about it looking big. This is because they stimulate different parts of the vagina and being in proportion helps sex feel better. Length gives women a fuller feeling inside and girth rubs against their vaginal walls during thrusting. These two different sensations work together to make women orgasm and if a man is long but skinny or short and chubby then part of her won’t be getting all of the stimulation she needs. This is why women don’t want ‘pencil dicks’ or ‘choads’ because they know sex won’t be great with them.

8) The less you brag, the more they want it

Men think that bragging about having a large penis will make women go crazy and throw themselves at him but this approach actually has the opposite reaction. Women lose interest in a man who brags about being well endowed because it’s crass and makes him seem desperate. Women want a man who knows that it’s better to keep penis size private until the relationship progresses to the point of having sex. This makes women fantasize about what he looks like naked and gets their sex drive going because they’re eager to see if he lives up to what they’re picturing in their mind. It’s a small way to add mystery to him and the start of the relationship so it’s best if a man doesn’t brag about how big he is.

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