8 Reasons to block your ex girlfriend on social media

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Ex Girlfriend
After a break up you may be tempted to keep in contact with your ex girlfriend on social media because part of you misses her but this can lead to you making some bad decisions, like online stalking or thinking about getting back together with her. You don’t want to make your life more complicated but you should want to make it easy to move on from the break up. To stop yourself from making bad decisions you need to be proactive and block your ex girlfriend on social media so that the break up is as smooth as possible.

1) You won’t be able to do any online stalking

After a break up you’re going to be thinking about your ex girlfriend a lot because you’re not used to her being gone and when you’re still in touch on social media it’s easy for you to resort to online stalking to find out what she’s doing. This can become obsessive behavior and you’ll be checking up on her throughout the day and keeping track of her new life without her knowing about it. That’s not a healthy thing to do but if you block her on social media you can stop having access to that information. Instead of spending time online stalking your ex girlfriend you can go on dating sites like adultfriendfinder to meet someone new.

2) She won’t know you’ve moved on

Blocking her on social media
Some people have a hard time letting go and if your ex girlfriend is like that then she won’t want you to move on before she does. This can lead to her trying to get back together with you and if she sees on social media that you have a new girlfriend she could try to cause problems by interfering with the two of you. That could cause a lot of issues and it’ll be hard to stop what she’s doing. It’s none of her business what you’re doing now that you’ve broken up so block her and keep your private life to yourself and to those who are still a part of your life.

3) You won’t get jealous when she gets a new boyfriend

It’s normal to feel jealous when your ex girlfriend gets a new boyfriend because this lets you officially know that it’s over between the two of you and she’s found someone to replace you. This is going to bring up a lot of negative emotions and could put you in a depressed mood which is going to affect your life and you don’t want to go through this. It’s better to block her on social media as soon as you break up and just imagine that she’s still single so you don’t dwell on it too much or get eaten up by jealousy.

4) It’ll be easier to let go of the past

Leaving the Past
People post a lot of their lives on social media and your ex girlfriend will have status updates and pictures of your relationship on her profile. There will be times after a break up that you miss her and want to relive happier times with her to ease the pain you’re feeling. If you’re still friends online then you might go to her profile and look at what she’s posted in the past. You’ll focus on all the good times you had and will start feeling like your current life is empty and loveless. You’ll have a hard time letting go of the past because you won’t want to face life without her and you’ll get stuck in a rut while she moves on.

5) You won’t be tempted to get back together

When the heartache of a break up passes you’ll start having fun and enjoying the single life again and so will your ex girlfriend. She’s going to be posting online about her exciting new life and you’ll see all the good things about her and remember why you fell in love with her. You’ll want to be a part of that and you’ll be tempted to message her to see if she wants to get back together with you and that isn’t going to end well because you broke up for a reason. To stop you from fantasizing about trying your relationship again and making it work this time you should cut off contact with her.

6) There’s no chance of mixed signals

Mixed Signals
You don’t want to send your ex girlfriend mixed signals by accident and make her think you want to get back together, especially if you’re not interested in that, but it can happen if you stay friends on social media. You might post something to do with not being happy about being single or the struggle of finding a new girlfriend and she might think you’re hinting about wanting to be with her again or she may wonder why you haven’t unfriended her yet and think you’re not ready to let her go. If you send her mixed signals then it could lead to an embarrassing moment or conversation later on.

7) It helps you have a clean break

Having a clean break is important for you and your ex girlfriend because it will let you deal with emotions faster and help you move on. You don’t want to be weighed down by painful memories, become obsessed with your ex girlfriend’s new life or get into a cycle of getting back together only to break up again later on so it’s best to end things quickly and efficiently. Once the relationship is over you need to make a clean break by getting rid of items that remind you of her, block her on social media so you no longer have to see her and start thinking of yourself as being single.

8) Your new girlfriend won’t get upset

Dating with Someone New
When you start dating someone new you want to know everything about them and will do some online stalking to find out what they’re really like. Your new girlfriend will probably do this to you too and if she does and your still friends with your ex girlfriend then she’s going to notice that. She’ll wonder why you’re still friends and think you’re not over her yet or that you’re just looking for a rebound girlfriend. You don’t want your new girlfriend to get the wrong idea so you should block your ex and make it clear that you’re only interested in her.

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