8 Long-Distance Date Ideas to Keep Romance Alive and Well

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keeping romance aliveThe hardest thing to do in a long-distance relationship is keeping romance alive and well. You miss each other at first but over time you get used to being apart and the spark fades. You don’t know how to keep the closeness you used to have and you get lonely because your contact with them is limited. You need to find ways to spice-up your relationship so this doesn’t happen and when you’re reunited you’re closer than ever before. This is an ongoing process and you can try different activities to keep things feeling fresh and exciting. It’s possible to make a long-distance relationship work, it just takes time and creativity.

1) All day texting

This starts as soon as you wake up and continues throughout the day until you go to bed. This can be done with texting since you can message your partner no matter what time it is or what you’re doing. When you wake up you can text them a picture of you in bed and wish them a good morning. At lunch time tell them what you’re having to eat and what you’re doing in the afternoon then later on mention having dinner. When you go to bed you can send them a more sensual picture of you in bed, wish them goodnight and tell them you’ll be thinking about them as you fall asleep.

2) Lingerie and sex toys while camming

You spend a lot of time camming with your partner when you’re in a long-distance relationship because it lets you hear and see them. It’s the closest you can with them and makes it easier to forget the distance between the two of you. To keep romance alive you can use camming to be intimate with your partner by wearing lingerie and using sex toys. You can buy them an outfit you want them to wear or send them a toy to use or surprise them with using them yourself. Tell them what you want them to do and make sure you mention how sexy you think they are and how much you want them. Make them feel like you’re in the room with them. This is an easy way to spice-up camming, especially if you only do this occasionally so it doesn’t lose the excitement.

3) Romantic dinner date

romantic dinner date
You can still have a romantic dinner rate when you’re in a long-distance relationship, you just have to plan it out. Pick an evening where both of you are free and set up the camera on the table. Cook a meal that is special to you as a couple, like the first meal you cooked for them or a meal from your first date together. Turn the lights off, light some candles and put flowers on the table then serve your meal while your partner does the same thing. You can open a bottle of wine and have your dinner together while remembering your first date or when you first realized you loved them. This lets you have romantic dates while in a long-distance relationship and create special memories together.

4) Picnic under the stars

A picnic under the stars is always romantic and you can still do this when you’re in a long-distance relationship. Find a local area that’s quiet and has a good view of the night sky, like a park or the beach. Pack a picnic as well as a blanket and when you’re on your way to this location you can call your partner. Make small talk like you would if you were walking together and send them a couple of pictures from your walk or do a video call to make it more interactive. When you get to the picnic area the two of you can eat together then spend time relaxing. Talk about how beautiful and peaceful the night is, show them the sky and enjoy being together.

5) Fall asleep together

Falling asleep together is a bonding experience and you miss the feel of your partner beside you when you’re in a long-distance relationship. You can try to recreate this by camming with them as you get ready for bed. Set up your laptop or phone beside you so you can easily see and hear them then snuggle under the covers as you talk. You don’t want to get too involved in a conversation because it’ll affect your drowsiness so talk quietly and let the conversation naturally wind down as both of you drift off to sleep.

6) Play naughty Truth or Dare

Playing naughty Truth or Dare will help you spice-up a regular cam session with your partner and give you a night to remember. Start the game playfully with a fun truth, like when was the last time they had a sex or dare, like asking them to flash you. Once both of you start getting in the mood you can make the truths and dares more sexual. Push the boundaries and see just how far you can take things despite not being in the same room. You can use sex toys if you have some or keep being sexual until it becomes the two of you engaging in mutual masturbation.

7) Send a sentimental gift

When you’re in a long-distance relationship you can show you still love each other by sending sentimental gifts. Each of you can pick an item and mail it, this can be a favorite food or book, but make sure it’s something that is meaningful to the other person. Don’t open your gift until your partner receives theirs because you want to do this together. Go on cam and take turns opening your gift so you can see how much they genuinely love it. To make it even more special you can do this on a memorable occasion, like the anniversary of when you first met or when you first said “I love you.”.

8) Dinner and a movie

You can still have dinner and watch a movie together when you’re in a long-distance relationship. Choose a movie both of you enjoy and make sure it’s accessible to where each of you are. Next you can choose dinner, this can be take-out so it’s easy to do and both of you can order the same thing. Set up the movie, get the food ready then go on cam. Watch the movie together while eating so that it feels like it was a regular night at home if you weren’t in a long-distance relationship.

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