The 8 most common lies women tell when online dating

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lies women tell when online dating Dating sites are full of people looking for a relationship and they do whatever they can to make a good first impression. This desires can cause them to lie, some do it in a malicious way while others either hide the truth or twist it a little because they’re worried about what you think. When you’re looking for a hookup and see a woman you’re interested in it’s a good idea to check out her profile thoroughly. It’s possible she’s lying a little bit but some lies are more common than others which helps you get an idea of what to expect. The most common lies women tell on dating sites are harmless, they just want you to give them a chance.

1) Her age

Women know that men are usually on dating sites like adul friend finder to meet young, sexy singles to meet and they worry about not being desirable if they’re no longer in their 20s. This is why it’s common for women to lie about their age and knock a few years off of it as well as using photos from when she was younger. When you’re looking at her profile you can expect her to be up to five years older than what her profile actually says. Unless this really bothers you then it’s okay to overlook this lie, she’s self-conscious about her age and if you point it out it’s just going to make her feel worse.

2) She just wants a hookup

Men have a reputation for wanting something casual so she’s going to say that she’s okay with just having a hookup when what she really wants is a relationship. She’s hoping that the hookup goes well and it’ll progress into something more serious. She’s not going to tell you that and will try to make it happen by acting enthusiastic about how much she likes being with you and wouldn’t mind a friends with benefits situation. This slowly moves into a relationship if you like her more than you expected or if you’re not insistent about keeping things casual.

3) Her relationship status

Hiding her relationship status is something that many women do on dating sites because it can give the wrong impression or lead to a painful discussion that she doesn’t want to have. It’s easier to say she’s single than it is to say she’s going through a divorce or separation and she doesn’t want you to think you’re just a rebound hookup. She may also pretend to be single if she wants to have an affair without being judged for it. You’re only going to find out she’s lying about her relationship status if she really likes you and wants to be honest before things go too far with you.

4) Her body type

Body type is a source of self-consciousness for a lot of women, they compare themselves to others and feel like they’re not as fit or think their breasts or ass aren’t as big as men want. This makes them lie on dating sites about how they really look and they’re creative with their pictures to portray themselves in an unrealistic way. You notice this when she describes herself as curvy but doesn’t show her whole body because she knows you’d classify her as overweight or when she says she keeps in shape but only has pictures of her face. She does this because she wants you to fall for her before you meet and won’t care that her body type isn’t exactly as she described it.

5) Her sexual history

Women know they’re judged for their sexual history and that it doesn’t look good on dating sites if she mentions being experienced in the bedroom. She won’t mention that she often uses these types of sites to meet men and will say that she’s only met one or two guys on them but it didn’t work out. She’ll also hide what she really wants during sex unless it’s one of those dating sites that are specifically for kinky people. All you’ll know about her sexual history is that she’s not a virgin but you won’t know how many guys she’s been with or just how kinky she is until you’ve gone out with her for a while.

6) The type of people she’s friends with

There’s still a taboo about women being friends with men and people still think it’s impossible for it to be completely platonic. On dating sites she may mention in her profile that she enjoys spending time with friends and will upload a picture of her socializing but she’s going to lie if she’s friends with any men. She doesn’t want to scare off potential matches so she’ll only mention her girlfriends if you ask whom she hangs out with and she makes sure that none of the pictures she uploads contains a man. If she’s looking for a hookup then she won’t try as hard to hide this and may mention having a male friend as a way of hinting that there’s another man in her life so don’t expect to get too close to her.

7) How much she has in common with you

Dating sites are all about meeting someone that’s a great match for you and one of the ways that happens is having a lot in common. This is why women lie about what they’re interested in, she tailors her interests to match yours. You can discreetly uncover this lie by carefully going over her profile and seeing what she likes as her favorite hobbies, movies, music and TV shows. When she talks to you she mentions liking the same things as you do because she’s attracted to you and wants you to feel the same way about her. You can use this as an opportunity to talk about what you’re passionate about and show her that you’re enthusiastic and can carry a conversation.

8) Her sexual interests

Women lie on dating sites about their sexual interests because they don’t want to be judged. There are women who see sex the way men do; she wants a hookup or group sex or to experiment with fetishes but she won’t admit it if it’s a generic site. She won’t mention what her sexual interests are unless you ask her about them and even then she’s going to play it safe. She says she’s open-minded and will mention trying a new position or toy but will let you be the one who pushes the sex talk so she can protect her image.

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