8 Tips for having sex in a car

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The best tips for having a better sex car experience

Car sex
Having car sex can be awkward and difficult if you’ve never done it before and that can ruin the mood. You don’t want this to happen to you so learn how certain sex positions and whether you’re in the front seat or backseat can make a difference. Where and when you choose to do this can also affect the experience so you may want to plan this as a date instead of deciding to do it at the last minute. By having an idea of what to do you can ensure that it’s a fun, sexy experience that you’ll want to do regularly.

1) Blankets or towels makes things more comfortable

The interior of the car can make things physically uncomfortable for you and your partner because leather will tug at your sweaty skin and some fabric seats can be rough and scratchy. Being in a cramped space like a car is already going to be uncomfortable so make things a little nicer for you by putting down blankets or towels on the seats. Not only will they feel better underneath your body but will also stop any body fluids from staining the seats. You can also keep a clean blanket in the car so you can snuggle up together after sex for a few minutes to calm down before heading home.

2) Be creative with what you wear

It takes time to undress, especially when you’re in a small space like a backseat, so when you’re having car sex it’s a good idea to be creative with what you wear. You can do this in a sexy way whether you’re male or female and it’s all about easy access. If you’re a male you can go commando and wear a t-shirt which is quick and easy to take off and if you’re a female you can wear a dress without any panties on underneath. This allows you to have sex without taking off all of your clothes and if you do want to be fully naked you’ll have less to take off. You can add a bit of playfulness to the moment by sliding up your dress to show him you’re not wearing anything underneath or you can slide your hand into his pants to feel just how hard he is for you.

3) Keep your clothes handy

One of the reasons why people like car sex is because of the risk factor; it’s possible to be caught at any moment by a stranger while you’re having a very intimate moment. This sounds like fun but getting caught naked in the backseat can get you into trouble, sometimes with the law, which you don’t want to happen. You need to keep your clothes handy so you can put them on quickly if you need to so don’t get too caught up in the moment and drop your clothes in random places as you take them off. It means taking things slower at first but you can make it fun by turning it into a striptease and heightening the anticipation.

4) Make car sex quick and fun

You don’t want the experience to be ruined by getting caught so reduce the chances of that happening by making sex quick and fun. Use the fear of getting caught to heighten the excitement and have hot, passionate sex. You can start foreplay while still driving there as long as the person doesn’t get distracted. The passenger can touch themselves at red lights to give the driver a show then when you’re parked you’re turned on and ready for car sex.

5) Give yourself plenty of space

Sex Positions in a car
Car sex is difficult to do because it’s in a small space so do what you can to give yourself more room. If you’re having sex in the front seat then do it on the passenger side so you can recline the seats, the steering wheel won’t be in the way and your feet won’t get caught up in the pedals. If you’re having sex in the backseat then recline the front seats as forward as they can go and move the backseats as far back as they will go so you have maximum space. Some sex positions require more space than others so decide what you want to do first and then move the seats around.

6) Set the mood

Being in a new place for sex can make you shy or nervous, especially when you’re in public, but soft, sexy music in the background can help you set the mood for car sex. Pick out some soft, sexy music and play it over the speakers as you start kissing and touching each other. Make sure it isn’t too loud or distracting because it should be part of the atmosphere. Having car sex is going to make you hot because you’re in close quarters so leave the air conditioner on or roll the windows down if it’s a cool night so that you don’t feel too sweaty or gross afterwards.

7) Choose time and location wisely

When you have car sex you need to choose the time and location wisely so you don’t get caught by anyone. This takes some planning so check out a couple of discreet locations in your area and see how busy they really are before deciding on a spot. You should avoid anywhere that is near a school or a building that has nighttime security officers. It’s also better to have car sex at night because there’s less people around then so that’s a more ideal time than during the day and you’re less likely to be noticed in the dark.

8) Know car sex positions ahead of time

There are space limitations when you have car sex so this limits what sexual activities you can easily do. This is why you should learn some appropriate sex positions ahead of time instead of having car sex on the spur of the moment. If you’re in the front seat then cowgirl is easy to do and if you’re in the backseat then doggy may be the better one to try. You can also do other sexual activities like fingering her, giving him a blowjob or playing with toys.

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