8 Ways to get a girlfriend as a nerd

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It can be hard to find a girlfriend when you’re a nerd because you’re probably shy around women and you have to deal with the stereotypes that others have about you. Expecting women to overlook you because you’re a nerd can lead to low self-confidence and you’re going to make a bad first impression when you do approach women which will lead to you being single and thinking that’s how things will always be. These can be big obstacles to overcome but it is possible to find a girlfriend if you have the right attitude and understand that dating women is about taking the time to get to know one another and building a connection.

1) Be confident

Having the right kind of attitude is important when it comes to dating women no matter what type of personality you have because the way you approach them determines if you make a good or bad first impression. When you want to find a girlfriend you need to act confident, even if you don’t feel that way and have to fake it, because women find confidence sexy. It’s a sign of strength so when you ask her out you need to be friendly and polite but also self-assured. When you approach her take a deep breath, calm your nerves then make eye contact, smile and have a pick up line ready so you know exactly what to say.

2) Don’t geek out

When you’re trying to find a girlfriend there’s a good chance she’s going to have different interests than you and it’s going to make her think twice about dating you if you geek out. You’re going to be talking about yourself a lot when you first meet because you’re getting to know each other but if she isn’t a nerd too then you need to be careful about what you say and how enthusiastic you get. If you get caught up talking about a subject that most consider to be nerdy it’s easy to geek out and talk incessantly about it but she’s going to lose interest. You can mention what you like but keep it short and sweet so she doesn’t think you’re not right for her.

3) Make yourself attractive

Most men can find a girlfriend no matter how they look if they make an effort with their appearance because it shows they care about themselves. There’s always something you can do to make yourself more attractive so be honest and set realistic goals for self-improvement. This can be changing your diet, exercising more, trying a new clothing style or getting a haircut. Small changes can make a big difference and not only will you be more attractive but you’ll be more confident in yourself.

4) Learn how to find a girlfriend

Find a Girlfriend
If you see yourself as a nerd and it’s affected your dating life then you might not know how to find a girlfriend and are going to make mistakes. These mistakes will keep you single and you’re going to think it’s because you’re a nerd when it’s actually your technique for dating women which you can change. You have to try to find a girlfriend in a variety of places, from going out to bars to joining online dating sites, because you don’t know where you’re going to meet the right woman. You can’t expect the first woman you ask out to be perfect and when it goes wrong you don’t try again, instead you need to be positive and don’t give up.

5) Have a social life

Having an active social life can help you find a girlfriend because you’re interacting with more people. You can mention being single and having male friends set you up on a blind date or you can meet women more often which increase your chances of finding one to date. A social life can help you seem like a more interesting person because it gives you something to talk about when you do meet a woman you’re attracted to. Being social gives you a deeper understanding of the world around you and you’ll be able to deal with a variety of situations.

6) Date a nerd

If you’re a nerd and you can’t find a girlfriend you feel a connection with then it may be the kind of women you date. Dating another nerd may be a good idea for you because she’ll have something in common with you and it’ll be easier for the two of you to make a connection. It can be easier to date a nerd because you have a general idea of what she’s interested in and for the first date you can suggest someplace that both of you will enjoy instead of hoping that she’ll like the movie or activity you chose because it’s something only you’re familiar with. She’ll also be understanding when you geek out because she occasionally does the same thing and knows how easy it is to get caught up in the moment.

7) Start with friendship

When you can’t find a girlfriend you can try starting out with friendship and let things naturally evolve into a romantic relationship. This gives you time to really get to know her and she can see what a great guy you are. When you first meet she may think you’re boring or you like childish things but she won’t always think that. By taking things slowly you’re giving her a chance to look past any first impressions she had of you being a nerd and realize that the two of you would make a great couple. This gives your relationship a better chance of being successful because you understand each other and there’s already a feeling of love and support in place.

8) Be yourself

It’s okay to be a nerd and even though it may slow down your ability to find a girlfriend it shouldn’t stop you from dating women. You need to be yourself because women know when a guy is being fake and that will turn them off. It’ll take time to meet a woman who appreciates you for who you are but it will happen so you should be yourself because that’s going to make you happy. You want to be dating women who appreciate you and who don’t expect you to live a lie.

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