8 Reasons why a woman hides her feelings if she’s in love with you

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When She loves youWomen are known for being more open about how they feel but there are times when they hide their feelings, often when it involves the phrase “I love you.” It’s a very intimate thing to say and it takes a lot of courage because you want to say it at the right time in a relationship and you need to make sure that it’s true love and not lust. That’s a lot of pressure so one of the women secrets is that your girlfriend may not be telling you just how deep her feelings go.

1) She’s still thinking about her ex

She may want to say “I love you.” because she does but thoughts of her ex are holding her back. This doesn’t mean that she still has feelings for him, it can mean that she’s not sure if she wants to be in another serious relationship and risk getting her heart broken again. It’s about being sure of the next phase in her life and she needs time to deal with the past before she’s ready to take her relationship with you to the next level. She does love you but isn’t ready to admit it.

2) She wants to talk to her girlfriends

One of the women secrets is that it’s easy to fall in love but it’s not serious until she’s talked to her girlfriends about it. This is because she’s getting their opinion and seeing if they approve of you, which is important to her. She wants to know she’s making the right decision by being in a relationship with you and knows that her girlfriends will be honest about what they think of you. She trusts them to have her best interests at heart and want to make sure she’s not being blinded by love.

3) She’s scared of you not feeling the same way

If she’s unsure about the love you feel for her then she’s going to hide her feelings until she has a better idea of where the relationship is right now. This is a common theme in relationships because men tend to bottle their feeling up and express how they feel in ways that women don’t always notice. She’s scared that you don’t feel the same way about her and is doubting the love you show her because you’re not as expressive as she needs you to be. She’s paying more attention to the way you act around her to get a better idea of the love you have for her so she can feel more secure about dating you.

4) She doesn’t want to say “I love you.” first

Saying “I love you.” is a big step in a relationship because it makes it more serious and no one wants to be the first person who says it. This is scary and nerve wracking so she’s going to try and wait until you say it to her first. This kind of sentiment is a special moment that needs to be done at the right moment and said in the right way and she doesn’t want to ruin it. It’s easier to wait until you give her that moment then she’s going to feel like she can express how much she loves you.

5) Her emotions scare her

Just because she does love you it doesn’t mean that she’s okay with that and everything is fine with her. Being in love is an intense feeling and it causes other emotions, like fear, doubt and excitement, to rise up. It can be difficult dealing with this swirl of emotions and it might scare her knowing that the love you share is this intense. She may not have been expecting it and thought the relationship was a casual one until she realized how deep her love goes. She needs time to calm down and get her emotions under control before she lets you know how she really feels.

6) She doesn’t want to put pressure on the relationship

When you establish love you put a sharp focus on the strength of the relationship and this can put pressure on it. Things may be going well but once you express your love you want things to keep going well and you now have to live up to new and higher standards. Both of you are going to make more of an effort at having a perfect, fairy tale relationship because you don’t want the love you feel to be a mistake. When you try to make love the focus of your relationship you’re going to make mistakes like ignoring problems and not maintaining your independence. This is how cracks start to form and the love you feel isn’t going to last long if you don’t change what you’re doing.

7) She needs time to think about the future

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One of the main differences between a causal relationship focused on sex and one that’s about love is how the future will unfold. When she’s at the point of knowing she’s in love with you she’s going to keep it to herself for a while so she can think about what she wants to happen in the future. She’s going to ask herself if she sees the relationship heading towards moving in together, getting married and having children and she’s going to think about whether or not you’re the kind of guy she wants to spend her life with. When she has an idea of what she wants she’s going to slowly share her feelings with you and gauge how you react.

8) She’s not good at expressing herself

It’s difficult to express yourself, especially when it comes to love, because you’re putting yourself in a vulnerable position and you don’t always know the right things to say. If your girlfriend has feelings for you but isn’t good at expressing herself then she’s going to hide them from you. It’s easier to do that than it is to overcome her nervousness, shyness or embarrassment and it’s going to take a lot of time and support from you if you want to help her deal with it or you can accept her for the way she is and believe that she’s in a relationship because she does love you and that she shows it in other ways.

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