8 Reasons why dating smart women is the best decision you’ve made

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dating smart womenBeing with a smart woman is an intimidating thought to some men because they either don’t know what to expect or they have certain ideas of what she’s going to be like. This stops them from asking her out but this isn’t a good thing because they’re missing a potentially great relationship. There are a lot of ways that a smart woman can enhance your life and show you that intelligence doesn’t have to affect a relationship. Being open minded and dating a woman like this can be the best decision you’ve made.

1) She can look after herself

She’s independent and is capable of looking after herself so the kind of man she wants is one who’s her equal. She only asks for help when she really needs it and usually all she wants from you is to listen and give an opinion on what you think she should do. A smart woman usually has a good career so she has no problem paying her own way and won’t rush into marriage or children. She won’t try to trap you and is content to take her time and see how things progress.

2) Fights are resolved quickly and calmly

All couples fight but their personalities play a large part in how bad things get. A smart woman knows that fighting often or cruelly with her partner damages the relationship so she will try to stop things from going too far. This makes your life better because you feel more secure in the relationship since you know how important it is to her. Fights are resolved quickly and calmly because when she feels herself losing control she tries to regain it and takes a break instead of continuing the fight. She thinks about what caused the fight, tries to see things from your point of view and works to find a way to make things right between the two of you.

3) She brings out your intelligence

A smart woman doesn’t waste time with a man who can’t keep up with her so you know she’s with you because she sees you as her equal. You don’t have to worry about coming across as arrogant when you explain something to her because she knows you don’t mean it that way and are just knowledgeable. Your masculinity is enhanced because she challenges you in the right ways and you don’t feel threatened by it because you love her which makes you more comfortable with being who you are. It feels good to be dating a woman you can have interesting conversations with and who understands where you’re coming from.

4) She’s good at making decisions

Making decisions can be tough because the wrong one can impact your life and it’s easy to get overwhelm by going through the choices you have. A smart woman doesn’t let herself get stressed out when it comes to decision making because she’s naturally analytical. She has no problem thinking about the decision she has to make and spends time rationally looking at all of her options. You can trust her to make a decision that she feels is the right one and she’s willing to listen to your opinion because she values your input. You know when to help her and don’t feel pressured to have to make all the decisions or worry about making the right one.

5) You learn masculinity isn’t tied to intelligence

Some men equate masculinity with intelligence and think that a real man has to be the only smart person in a relationship. They expect their girlfriend to look up to them and need looking after. When you date a smart woman you realize that her intelligence has nothing to do with your level of manliness and that being with her doesn’t change who you are fundamentally. When you’re dating her it’s a relationship based on equality and you become more open minded because it makes you see women and intelligence in a new way. You’re no longer intimidated by women like her because you know that the only impact she has is on your happiness.

6) You can see things in a new way

One way that a smart woman enhances your life is in her ability to help you see things in a new way. She likes to learn new things and is willing to look at all sides of an issue so she can fully understand it. When you have a conversation with her she’s going to express all of the thoughts she has on the topic and may suggest something you hadn’t considered before. This makes you think outside of the box and gently push your boundaries. Seeing things from a new perspective is a learning experience and you would miss out on it if you weren’t dating her. You appreciate her intelligence and see what an important personality trait it is and start seeking it out in others which improves your social circle.

7) Sex can be better

sex can be better
Sex can be better when you’re with a smart woman because she knows what she wants and is able to tell you in a clear way what it is. She knows sex is an important part of dating and that if she isn’t happy in the bedroom then it can cause problems elsewhere in the relationship. This is why she’s willing to take the time to teach you what she enjoys and she tries to learn what you like during sex. She wants it to be the best experience it can be and can teach you how to patiently explore sex together. You can talk to her about different toys, positions and fantasies because she encourages you to be honest with her.

8) She doesn’t play games

Playing games is something that some people do in the early stages of dating because they find it fun and exciting. They don’t take things seriously and don’t consider the other person’s feelings. You won’t go through this with a smart woman because she doesn’t play games. She knows that it’s a waste of time and is a childish way to behave. She has better things to do, like focus on getting to know you better and seeing if dating you is right for her. This is a good kind of person to be with because you know she’s with you for the right reasons and you can trust what she says and does.

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