8 Reasons why you should have sex before doing exercise

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Sex before exercise
There’s an idea that you shouldn’t have sex before exercise because it takes away your energy and makes you less likely to perform well but the opposite can be true for some people. Sexual activity before a gym workout can have a lot of positive aspects, such as making you feel more confident and making you feel more energetic and alert. You might want to consider your stance on whether or not have sex before a gym workout once you know the different ways it could positively impact you.

1) You’ll feel better about your body

When you have sex it can make you feel better about your body because you can see how much your partner wants you and being physically active will make you feel like your body is capable of doing great things. It gives you confidence and you’ll be more willing to push your limits. This confidence will motivate you to exercise longer and more often because you want your body to be in the best shape it can be so you can keep turning on your partner and so you can see just how great you can look. You can also tone certain areas of your body depending on which positions you do during sexual activity, for example: a woman who’s regularly on top will be working on her stomach muscles more often than when she’s doing missionary.

2) Sex before a gym workout can be fun

Some people feel gross after a gym workout because of how sweaty they are or they feel worn out so they don’t want to have sex afterwards. They’ll still be in the mood for it though and will feel frustrated that either they have to wait to have sex or they’ll do it anyways but won’t enjoy it as much because they’re focusing on not feeling pretty. If you’re one of those people then you can satisfy your desires before going for a gym workout and not deal with anything that bothers you. This way you can still feel clean and attractive during sex and you’ll be more likely to last longer in bed because you’ll want to delay going to the gym.

3) Your energy levels will be up

Energy Levels
Sexual activity increases your energy levels because it gets your heart pumping and your body moving which gets you in an upbeat frame of mind. After you have sex you’ll be on edge and excitable so you’ll need a way to get rid of excess energy and a gym workout is perfect for that. These are the days when you’re more likely to do higher impact exercises like jogging or kickboxing because they won’t seem as difficult. You should pay attention to your exercise routine and note if there’s any change between when you have sex and when you don’t so you can see how your energy levels affect them.

4) Your muscles will be more prepared

Everyone needs to warm up before undergoing a gym workout and you can have sex as a way to get your body loosened up. Sexual activity can prepare your muscles for exercise because it’s something you need to be active for and it can help you build strength and stamina. This strength and stamina can help you when exercising because you’ll be able to last longer and gradually do more intense workouts. Your body needs time to recover from the exercise it got from the sexual activity so you should wait to go to the gym for an hour or two otherwise you’ll tire yourself out.

5) You’ll be mentally relaxed

Mentally Relaxed
A lot of people feel relaxed after they have sex because it’s a burst of activity that releases hormones and endorphins. If you dread going to the gym and only do it because you want to stay healthy then it helps to mentally prepare yourself. When you’re relaxed you can clear your mind, get rid of any stress or distractions and plan your exercise routine. Knowing what exercises you’ll be doing can help you look forward to going to the gym because you can pick out exercises you enjoy instead of deciding at the last second what to do. You’re also less likely to worry about how many calories you’re burning or if you’re working out hard enough because you’re not as stressed out as you were before you had sex.

6) Your testosterone levels will be increased

Sexual activity increases testosterone levels in men and women and higher testosterone levels can help you with a gym workout. When you have sex your testosterone levels increase by about 20% and this makes you feel stronger, gives you more stamina and sharpens your focus. These attributes can push you through an intense workout, which will build your muscles and make you feel better equipped to keep up a rigorous exercise regimen. The next time you go to the gym you’ll remember how well you did this time and you’ll push yourself to achieve the same level of intensity and your exercise ability will improve.

7) You’ll be happier
More Happier
People tend to feel

happier after they have sex because they get a release of endorphins and this feeling can last up to 48 hours. This is a good time to exercise because you’ll be in the mood to take care of yourself and do something that can positively affect your life. You won’t mind going to the gym as much as you normally would and you’ll work out longer because you feel good and you won’t want to stop. You’ll also be so distracted by your good mood that time will pass quickly and your gym workout will be over before you know it so it won’t feel like a chore.

8) You can burn more calories

It may not seem like much but if you have a goal for burning a certain amount of calories per day or per workout then you can cut down the amount of time you spend in the gym by spending more time in the bedroom. This won’t seem like exercise and you could end up burning more calories than you planned because you’ll be having so much fun with your partner trying new things.

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