8 Things men do that WILL NEVER attract women

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Things men do that will never attract womenWhen you want to attract women you need to know what they look for in a man and what will never attract them so that you avoid making a bad first impression. You want to be the guy that all the women notice and want but to be this way you need to have the right personality and be the kind of boyfriend they dream about. What you think women want is seen from your perspective, not theirs, and this can cause you to act too confident or aggressive which turns women off. By knowing what doesn’t attract women you can adjust your behavior and become boyfriend material.

1) Bragging about how good you are in bed

Men think it makes them look strong and masculine if they brag about how good they are in bed and that it’s going to drive women wild but this kind of talk will never attract women. Men say things like this so often that women don’t take it seriously and think that the guys who do this are over compensating for their bad lovemaking skills. If you want to attract women you need to show confidence but let your actions speak for themselves because she’s going to know how good you are once she experiences it for herself.

2) Being flaky with commitments

In order to attract women you need to show them stability and respect because these are traits they want in a man they’re potentially committing themselves to. Being flaky with commitments by cancelling dates at the last minute, being forgetful or showing up late shows them you’re not taking things seriously and that you expect them to put up with your nonsense. This isn’t the kind of personality that’s sexy and when women realize this is how you are they’re not going to give you a chance to date them. They want you to keep your word and know that they can rely on you because they don’t want to waste time wondering if you’re going to show up for your date or not.

3) Always acting strong and silent

Being strong and silent is something that many men do because they’re not good at expressing their emotions and they focus on dealing with situations in a straightforward way. This type of personality is only good in certain situations because it shows reliability but women also wants a man who is secure enough to share his feelings and be vulnerable. If you want to attract women you need to be willing to be open and honest so they feel an emotional connection with you which is something that’s important to a lot of women when they’re dating.

4) Focusing too much on money

Money is a sign of success and it’s good to pay attention to how much you earn because it affects your lifestyle but focusing too much on it is not going to make the wrong impression when you’re trying to attract women. They don’t want to hear you bragging about your salary or the expensive item you bought because it makes you seem shallow. Instead they want a man who’s sensible with his money but is willing to occasionally splurge on a good quality suit or a date at a romantic restaurant because this sows your thoughtful and appreciative of how you spend your money.

5) Comparing yourself to other men

It’s a popular activity to spend time at the gym and work on becoming more muscular or spend the majority of your time focusing on advancing your career so that you do better than your neighbors to co-workers but this competitiveness needs to be done in a balanced way if you want to attract women. Spending too much time comparing yourself to other men and making it your life goal to be the best makes women think that dating you would be a one-sided relationship because you’re not going to have time for them.

6) Not being good at decision making

Not being good at decision making means you are flaky and this trait is an annoying one that women don’t want to put up with. Acting this way makes women feel like they’re looking after you or that dating you is going to be like dating a teenager when they’re looking for capable person to be with. You’re not going to attract women if you can’t plan a date or are always asking her for her opinion before you do something. Women want a man who can make decisions after thinking carefully about it and who also knows when it’s appropriate to delay making a decision because it’s important to have her input. This makes her feel like an equal and makes you look like a smart, mature man who knows how to act like an adult.

7) Having mood swings

mood swings


Some men also use mood swings as a way of looking tough when they think another guy has insulted him and if you don’t have the ability to brush it off or walk away then you’re showing her how aggressive you can be. It’s okay to get upset but to rapidly go from one mood to another is unsettling and this is going to make women feel unsafe around you because she’s wondering if you’ll act that way with her. This is also a sign that you may have some mental health issues and need to see a professional to get your temper under control.

8) Always being a dominant male

Women find it sexy when a man is confident and can smoothly take the lead in the relationship but you won’t attract women if you’re too dominant. You may think that a man is supposed to take charge in a relationship, make all the decisions and treat his girlfriend well but this can come across as controlling. Women don’t want to be bossed around, made to feel inferior or that she’s just there to keep you happy so you need to find a balance between having confidence and knowing how to work together as a couple. You have to be willing to listen to her, take her opinion seriously and ask her things instead of telling her what to do.

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