8 Signs you’re simping and how to change your needy behavior

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you are simping Simping is a new term and it’s used to describe a man who behaves in a pandering way towards someone they have a crush on but the other person doesn’t feel the same way. They do whatever they can to make their crush happy, even if it makes them seem weak or desperate. They know the other person doesn’t feel any sexual attraction for them but they don’t care because they hope that eventually they’ll be noticed and love will happen. This is embarrassing and you need to change your needy behavior before it starts damaging your social and dating life.

1) Non-stop compliments

It’s okay to compliment your crush once or twice to see how she responds and if there’s a hint of sexual attraction between the two of you but it shouldn’t happen more than that. It should be obvious after that if you have a chance with her or not and if you don’t then you’re not going to change her mind. When you’re simping you compliment her all the time to try and get her attention even though you know it probably won’t work. You have to change this by making sure you only compliment her once to test the waters and don’t flirt or compliment her after that. When you’re tempted to compliment her you need to stop and say nothing until you come up with a neutral thing to say that’s about another subject.

2) Putting yourself down

When she complains about being single and you reply by saying you’re tired of being single too then go on about how you know you’re not good looking or smart enough to get someone you’re using yourself to elevate her. You also avoid eye contact and look down while speaking to her. She hears all the negatives about you, realizes she’s not that bad and feels better about her dating prospects. You need to start thinking more highly of yourself and you do this by ignoring bad thoughts, reminding yourself of your attributes and not making jokes at your own expense.

3) Male Feminist is your only identity

A big sign of simping is having your only identity as being a male feminist. It’s okay to be a male feminist but it shouldn’t be the only thing you care about or talk about. When you post on social media numerous articles on feminism and male toxicity and put down men for no legitimate reason you’re not being a male feminist. You’re only doing this because you want your crush to approve of your beliefs and to see that you’re on her side. To stop this simping behavior you need to only mention your feminist beliefs when it’s relevant and expand your interests by picking up a new hobby to talk about or by supporting other social causes that are important to you.

4) Buying them gifts

Buying gifts or taking her out to dinner is simping behavior if you’re doing this to a woman you’re not in a relationship. You’re trying to buy her affection and showing her that you’re willing to spend money on her for no reason. If you do this to the wrong woman she’s going to take advantage of it and fake sexual attraction to get more gifts out of you, which you’ll do willingly because it makes her happy. You can stop this by focusing on the reality of the relationship and only give her small token gifts when it’s appropriate, like a card on her birthday or a box of chocolates at Christmas.

5) Only flirting with non-interested women

flirting with non-interested women
When you constantly flirt with women that you know aren’t interested in you then you’re simping. You don’t care that you look desperate and that you’re not in her league because all you want is validation from them. If you sense you’re being annoying you pretend to be joking but keep doing it anyways while blushing, avoiding eye contact and trying not to stutter because deep down you know you’re making a fool of yourself. You have to keep control of your emotions and deal with the disappointment when a woman isn’t interested in you. Leave her alone and spend time trying to hook up with someone else that does seem interested. You can also change your behavior by having a mental image of how you’re acting when you’re simping so that the embarrassment acts as a deterrent.

6) You quickly reply to texts

Replying quickly to texts is fine in the right context, like an emergency or when you’re expecting to hear from someone, but if you do this with a woman who you have a crush on but she’s not interested then you’re simping. When you respond quickly it tells her that you’re eagerly waiting for her messages and makes her think you have nothing better to do. This makes her expect you to always be there for her and this leads to even more simping from you as she becomes more demanding. You have to give yourself a schedule for replying to texts, like once a day, so you can get used to detaching yourself from her.

7) You always take her out

You’re simping big time if you take her out on fake dates with the expectation that she’ll eventually go on a real one with you because she suddenly realizes she has feelings for you. You’re going to take her out to dinner or go to the movies on a regular basis together because this is the closest you can get to actually dating her and you do your best to make each outing great for her as a way of trying to awaken sexual attraction. You have to limit how often you go out with her or only go out when she suggests it and when you do go somewhere it needs to be more casual.

8) You’re her moral support

Giving moral support to a friend during an emotional time is a caring thing that a normal man does, someone who’s simping is going to devote large amounts of your time looking after her. You always ask her what’s wrong, listen as she talks about bad dates and show her how upset it makes you to see her this way. Showing this much vulnerability puts you in a weak position so change how you give moral support. Tell her you’re there for her then wait for her to come to you. When you listen you need to keep an emotional distance, make eye contact so she knows you’re listening and reduce the amount of hugging you do.

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